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I've lived in California for 24 years, and decided to move clear across the country for law school. this will be where all can come to laugh at me as i die in the humidity and freeze in the snow as my california body adjusts to life in new york city...through this blog, i hope to have everyone else suffer just a little with me as i make my way through law school

Saturday, November 24, 2007

thanksgiving in brooklyn

so, i spent thanksgiving alone. yes, boohoo, wah, whatever. actually, it was kinda nice. i got up and studied for three or four hours (yeah, the life of a law student is GLAMOROUS---btw, thanks to fergie ferg for helping me with the spelling), and then i cleaned my apartment.

when angie visited in august, i was still in the process of unpacking, so when she got here, i shoved quite a bit if crap into some bins i borrowed from nicole, and then i shoved the bins in between my fridge and stove. however, to cook for thanksgiving, i had to move the bins, so i figured i would empty them, and that resulted in crap EVERYWHERE. so, yeah, i cleaned.

after cleaning, i got together my planned feast -- pumpkin pie (dear lord i made two and i feel ILL), cranberry sauce (homemade! none of that can stuff), cranberry cheese (my mouth is watering just thinking about it), stuffing, edamame, and martinelli's apple cider. yummy.
so, i ate and watched the first disc of the lord of the rings, fellowship of the ring, special edition. and then i napped. and then i studied some more. oh, yeah, and somewhere in there i gave myself a facial.

i know i said this above, but i want to reiterate for those family members who were sad i was alone -- i actually had a VERY nice day. yes, it was sad not to see you all, but i will be home in four weeks. you can spoil me silly then. =)

also, since i already had the camera out to take a picture of my yummy yummy food (by the way, i DID mention that i made the pie and the cranberry sauce myself, right? and in made yummy black bean soup earlier in the week! yeah, im a full-on cook!), and i had just cleaned my apartment, i figured i would FINALLY take pictures of my apartment so you all can see where im living.

so, this first picture, unfortunately, is blurry, but you get the basic idea. my bed is against the windows, on the right is my dresser and fireplace (doesnt work...), and on the left is my futon. betwee the futon and my bed i have my desk and a book shelf. the idea was to kinda make a "bedroom", it kinda works to separate the room, i guess.

here is a close-up of my bed with crap all over it. and, yes, the window is open. it was almost 60 degrees on thanksgiving! it was great! until the rain came in that night....the rain was fine, it just brought suuuuuuper cold weather with it. i think today's high is something like 37 degrees. what crap!

This, obviously, is the fireplace. it has "logs" built in to it; kinda ghetto, but whaever. i have thought about taking the logs off, but god only knows what is living behind it. and, as we all know, my daddy is too far away for me to be dealing with bugs.

here is a pointless picture of my fireplaced and dressed. and my tv! i love it! i got it with my credit card points. 17" lcd flat panel hd tv. yeah, it effing rocks.

and you can see im watching the lord of the rings!

i love hobbits. theyre so sweet. and awesome. and dedicated.

This is a picture looking from my main room through the kitchen and into the bathroom. to the right of the kitchen, you can see my purse hanging on the wall. my door is right there.

also, from this angle, you get a nice glare on my lovely "METAL" cupboards! yeah, wayyyy ghetto. those cupboards there, and then there are some on the right above the fridge, were all the space that came with the kitchen...

sooooo, i put my book shelf in there, bought one of those rolly things with "counter space" on top and shelves below, and i also put my tv stand in there (that's what my microwave is on). yeah, im super creative! well, creative, and when i moved in, my wood floors had just been re-done, so i couldnt have furniture in there, so everything was shoved into my kitchen and bathroom, and some furniture was just easier to leave there. but it worked out quite well!!!

here is the other side of my kitchen. you can see the world's smallest fridge (not counting those mini ones you have in a dorm room or office.....or other studio apartments that ive seen....)
you can also begin to see the impracticality of the kitchen. the oven is shoved back there and it opens into the fridge. there is actually enough room to open it all the way, and still have like a foot and a half of space between it and the fridge, but its still weird to be cooking, and hiding at the same time.

i had another picture here that showed just how HIGH those top cupboards are, but i accidentally deleted it, and it is really too much work to get it back on here. but, to explain, i have a foot stool, and i cant reach those top cupboards even on the top step of the stool.

the lady who lived here before me is hunched, and comes in at a whopping 4'11". there is no way in HELL she could access any of this...whatever.

here is my bathroom. again, the only storage are those super high cupboards. i can reach those
by standing on the toilet or rim of the bathtub. and, yes, ive fallen a couple times. usually when im dumb enough to try and do it in socks. but, really, after two or three times, you learn not to wear socks when you do it!

i dont know if you can tell where the shower head is, but take a good look and see if you can figure it out...

yeah, it comes OUT of the cupboard. ghe-tto. it also takes up half the storage space in the cupboards...sigh...

then in the front of the pic, on the right, is my old dvd case substituting as bathroom storage. ive also got a few "drawers" under the sink for more storage. i have sooo much crap. and every time i move i get rid of more and more of it, but it never goes away!!

alright, well, that was my living space. and a nice long blog. now im going to study some more while im waiting for the electrician to come. "he'll be there between 9 and 10." yeah, it's after 10. let's see if he actually shows up. ive been without light in my main room for over two months now. ive been using my kitchen light and a reading lamp to illuminate things.

that worked out REALLY well in october when my kitchen light went out, too. at least that one was easily replaced with a new bulb. the one in my main room actually needs electrician work....oh well, whatever.


At 5:44 PM, Anonymous mops said...

can't wait to spoil you silly or rotten or whatever, and yes, that is a nice long blog, a nice clean apartment, AND am impressive vegetarian Thanksgiving meal. Good work! xo


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