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Thursday, January 29, 2009


okay...THIS article is probably THE most ridiculous thing ive read in a while. it says that it will tell you the type of guys to avoid if you want to have a lasting, happy relationship. i saw this heading and though, hmm, i wonder what type of guys theyre going to warn against. 

i cant believe that they even had to write this down, because SERIOUSLY, if you aren't smart enough to avoid these types of guys....well, you deserve them.

let's run down the list, shall we?

Number One: He has children he doesn't see and/or support.
let's just call this one for what it is -- WINNER!!! i mean, the BEST quality i could possibly think of is some douche bag who doesnt think his own children are worth his time. i mean, seriously, are there women out there who find this to be a FORGIVABLE quality? are you freaking kidding me!? seriously, if thats something that you can ignore, you deserve to be with a man like that. holy freaking cow, i cant even tell you how annoyed i am that THIS is one of the categories that you have to EXPLICITLY warn women away from.

oh! and then the article provides THIS gem: "Deadbeat dads cant start out as a lot of fun...."
uhm....what? are you freaking kidding me!?

Number Two: All his ex-girlfriends are "crazy."
This is probably the least obvious category. I mean obviously it shows that he isnt willing to accept responsiblity, but let's be honest--girls are fucking nuts. but, so are guys. i would say if he acknowledges both, there is less of a problem. 

Number Three: He's heavily invested in his "persona."
now, i totally get why this one is on this list. when i read this, i pictured some abercrombie douche making his pants sag "just so" and adding a lot of gel to his hair. and then i picture the type of girl that usually dates guys like that....well, theyre equally invested in their personas, and i could see both people being so self-involved and caught up in the idea of dating someone "pretty" that they dont realize their relationship is superficial and trite. like them.

im not judgmental. 

shut up.

Number Four: He's a compliment miser.
you know, the only quality i look to second to a "deadbeat dad" who is "a lot of fun," is one that refuses to compliment me. i love being insecure. and never being told im pretty or anything. 
really? THIS kind of guy wont make me happy? this isnt the type of guy i should be dating? huh...who knew.

basically, people, the moral of the story is that people are idiots.

and i promise that sometime soon i will write a post that is not a rant. i swear there are people out there who dont annoy me...much.


At 12:12 PM, Blogger Sally Ashton said...

If you come across any more of these "insightful" Valentine's day articles, let me know. I'm doing the V-day reading again this year and what great fodder!


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