Cali Girl in NYC

I've lived in California for 24 years, and decided to move clear across the country for law school. this will be where all can come to laugh at me as i die in the humidity and freeze in the snow as my california body adjusts to life in new york city...through this blog, i hope to have everyone else suffer just a little with me as i make my way through law school

Friday, December 19, 2008

photo updates!!!

here is my new apartment. i am going to *try* to do these in a coherent order so that you get a round-a-bout view of my apartment. (side note: fargo, got your message, i NEED to call you back! im sorry i havent! i almost did today, but then i realized it was like 6 am out there so i didnt. and then got busy, and i will soon1!!) aaaaand here we go:

Monday, December 15, 2008

Hating lawyers, post 2.

"The majority’s rule would establish a legal principle that evidence of bias and prejudice would not be disqualifying unless it could surmount a fence that is horse high, pig tight and bull strong. In my view that is too much protection for a biased decisionmaker." -- Dissenting opinion in Association of National Advertisers v. FTC

Uhm...what is "pig tight"???

And why can't judges just use simple, plain, everyday terminology??

wanna know how shitty law school people are?

1) a friend asked for my class outline for a class i took last year. i told him i would give him mine if he gave me his for a class i am currently taking. he didnt want to initially, and luckily there was someone else there to point out the double standard.
However, in reviewing the outline he sent me, it is not complete. he didnt actually send me his outline, even though i sent him mine--that got me an A in the class.

2) in the same class, i missed one full day because i was in california, and i missed a half day because i had to go to a hearing with a client. those were the ONLY times i missed. i never once missed because i was tired or just didnt want to go. i asked a friend (a different friend, but a friend nonetheless) if i could get his notes from those days, and he is basically refusing to give them to me. i asked once right after i was absent and he promised to send tehm to me, but he never did. i asked last week and he said he would, but he never did. i asked a few days ago (via email) and he just never responded.

way to be shitty human beings, guys.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Musings

Does Jennifer Aniston's sickly sweet, painfully fake smile bother anyone else?

I mean, I used to think she was kind of great, but now she just looks....a bit like a bitch. I mean, you almost can't blame Brad for moving on to Angelina and trying to attempt to populate their own small country.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

For anyone IN law school or CONTEMPLATING law school, let me go ahead and suggest to you to just go ahead and skip Administrative Law. No, really. This shit is painful. And boring. And I would rather not be taking the class anymore.

Oh well, live and learn. At least the professor was awesome (how often can I say THAT?)

Friday, December 12, 2008

try a little....

i know ive posted this before, but really? its just too good not to post again.

we've all gotta try a little more tenderness.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tuesday's Fun Fact From Susannah's Studies!

Apparently, a lawyer cannot demand sex in return for legal services.

hmmm...anyone else shocked?

Monday, December 08, 2008

D&D to the max....

I just wrote the following sentence in my notes:

"Revlon looked for a White Knight to give crown jewels to."

yeah, that's corporate law for you! only the coolest of the cool need apply...

fine, then, FINE.

summer MY BEST FRIEND, is being a whiny little bee-otch and demanding i post more. so, since i am drowning in finals, i thought, hey, what better way to get what i want AND study then to share with you all the EXCITING material i am learning!

so, today, children, we are discussing the duty of good faith and loyalty of directors of corporations.

Monday's Fun Fact:

A director, while engaged in a transaction for his corporation, cannot retain an undisclosed profit.

Have a nice day!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

pissy party

finals out the butt. hating life. busy as hell.

pet-peeve of the moment (other than that hell called "corporations." blech.):

people with selective memory.
and not JUST selective memory, but memory SO SELECTIVE that when you speak the truth the other person either gets pissed at you for "lying" or talks to you like you're crazy and "confused."

case in point:
a friend broke up with her boyfriend. i was there through the whole thing. she told me what he siad, about their fights, etc. i heard the stories of how he would call while they were broken up and blah blah blah. a while later, they, of course, got back together. now theyre happy and so in love and once, in a conversation we were having about said break up i said something to the effect of, "oh, remember how he said X to you??" and she flew off the handle.
"susannah, what are you talking about? dont EVER say that. he would never say that to me." but imagine it in a SUUUUUPER mean, SUUUUUPER condescending tone.

example number two:
i just called because i remember you saying you had an exam on thursday, but i was just looking at the exam schedule and that class is NEXT WEDNESDAY!
the response:
susannah, youre just confused. i knew it was that day all along. you're so funny and confused.

no. im not. you people are confused. i know it sucks to be wrong, but at least i will admit when i am (usually).

people suck.