Cali Girl in NYC

I've lived in California for 24 years, and decided to move clear across the country for law school. this will be where all can come to laugh at me as i die in the humidity and freeze in the snow as my california body adjusts to life in new york city...through this blog, i hope to have everyone else suffer just a little with me as i make my way through law school

Monday, August 28, 2006

so, we're sitting in class today (well, between classes actually), and the kid next to me is on his computer. i look over to watch him and i see that he is looking at pictures posted on the school's website of our orientation. i start to space off adn then he taps me and goes, isnt this you guys? (i, of course, was sitting there with alex and heather). i look over and it IS a picture of us! so, i thought that, fargo is a "lady of the night", AND that i would post the picture so you all can see my friends in context!

heather actually looks older that she really is, and alex has a weird look on his face (some might say it is due to the cookiness that heather and i bring to the table), but those are my 10D buddies!!

fyi: i can see straight into two of the apartments across the street, and they are both huge. one, no one is home but they left their lights on. in the other, they are watching tennis. on tv. losers....


(hey, is there anyone reading this who can tell me how to use the friggin spell check??"

NYC Friends!

so, we're sitting in class today (well, between classes actually), and the kid next to me is on his computer. i look over to watch him and i see that he is looking at pictures posted on the school's website of our orientation. i start to space off adn then he taps me and goes, isnt this you guys? (i, of course, was sitting there with alex and heather). i look over and it IS a picture of us! so, i thought that, fargo is a "lady of the night", AND that i would post the picture so you all can see my friends in context!

heather actually looks older that she really is, and alex has a weird look on his face (some might say it is due to the cookiness that heather and i bring to the table), but those are my 10D buddies!!

fyi: i can see straight into two of the apartments across the street, and they are both huge. one, no one is home but they left their lights on. in the other, they are watching tennis. on tv. losers....


(hey, is there anyone reading this who can tell me how to use the friggin spell check??"

Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Fargo Game (what makes it even MORE fun, is that its a story with pictures!!)

Hey kids!! heres a new game for everyone to enjoy and partake in!!

so, my "good friend" (ha!) fargo wont read my blog. she says that there are just too many words. awwww, poor fargo. =**(

so! to get her to read it, i told her that in every blog i post, somewhere in the text, and maybe multiple times, im going to call her a name. now, sometimes it wont be too bad of a name (ie, "fargo is silly), but sometimes it might just get a little raunchy ("fargo is a whore"...and maybe worse some times....well have to see how comfortable i am wiht the colorful language knowing that my parents and grandmother are going to be reading this).

anyway! i invite you to join in on this game! for every post you do, you should add a little something about our good friend fargo! it can be mean, or silly, or nice. basically, anything you want! this way, she will be SO CRAZY with curiosity, that she will HAVE to read my blog!

here is todays: fargo is sooooo pretty. =)

next time, it wont be so nice, or so obvious.


Saturday, August 26, 2006

excuse me, sir, do you know where my home is?

i learned a long while ago that liquor and i dont particularly mix. of course, that experience involved projectile vomiting on angie's kitchen table and then being driven home only to go to my parents' room to wake them up to tell them i dont feel good! (hey! thats what parents are THERE for!) =) this incident was really not that bad...just unfortunate =)

so, for one of my classes, we had to read this book called "a civil action" which is a true story about a lawyer in mass. in the 80s who sued some huge companies for polluting the drinking water in this small town called woburn and giving children and their parents cancer and other diseases. in the 90s, a film was made based on this movie (starring mr saturday night fever himself, john travolta). so, alex, heather, andy and i had made a plan to watch it. alex works as a bartender in union square (belmont lounge) and we had planned to go there towards teh end of his shift (he was done at 9), partake of some free beverages (i still need to thank him for those....) and then go to his apartment down the street and watch the movie. so, that was the plan. here's what actually happened:

heather, my partner in vegetarian crime, and i met up for dinner at her favorite restaurant in nyc, zen palate, which is a vegetarian chinese restaurant. mmm, we had SUCH good food! we started off with scallion pancakes (which had fake ham--my favorite) and then we had sweet and sour sensation (which were basically deep-fried balls of dough in a really yummy sauce) and sesame medallions (which were good, but nothing compared to the other two items). yuuum. we stuffed ourselves silly. from there, we waddled over to the belmont and sat and talked for a while. a couple of heather's friends showed up and they were cool.
so. it was at this point that the drinking did commence. we get into the bar and alex asks what we want and heather all cute and girly, cuz thats how she is, says she wants something sweet with vodka (excuse me as i hurl). then he asks what i want and i say in my most feminine voice, beer!!!! aaarg!! (i didnt actually say "aarg" or yell. i just thought that would be fun now). alex refuses to serve me beer and threatens to give me vodka if i dont come up with something else fast. i decide on the lesser of all evils, tequila, in the form of a margarita. so, off scampers little alex to make our drinks, and heather and i continue talking, but out of the corner of my eye im watching him make our drinks. i watch him put in sweet and sour and whatever the heck else goes into a margarita, and then i see him pour in the tequila. and i continue watching him pour. still pouring....dear lord, i cant even express how much tequila went into the first drink. the most awesome thing about it was, though, that i could BARELY taste it. so, alex rocks as a bartender, and i informed him that he could make my drinks any day.

from the belmont we walked (heather and i, two alex drinks later, were stumbling--sorry to my parents) to the next bar, the cibar lounge. i liked this little swanky place, but the BEST thing about it were the amazingly clean restrooms. rarely in a new york bar can one find a nice decent restroom. i was stoked. so, i had two more margaritas there...and stupid little me felt like there wasnt enough tequila in my first drink so i mentioned this to our waitress...i should have kept my little tequila-guzzling mouth shut because my next drink was POTENT!! it was at this bar that alex's friend jj showed up (this is pertinent information for later).

off we go to the next bar, which i cant remember the name of. i felt like it should have had a mechanical bull, although it did not. what it DID have, though, was a margarita special! just what i needed!!!!! =) poor poor susannah....

so, we hang out here for a while, and then we decide to leave (this was around 230 am). it was at this point that the night got REALLY interesting...

we get outside and the guys are trying to tell heather and i how to get home. heather knows exactly which train she wants etc etc, and im just like, i need to get back to brooklyn with the fewest switches! so, alex, being the nice quiet person he is (note: heavy sarcasm) says that i should take the 4 train. i have to argue with him to explain to him that this train does not run after 12:01 am saturday thru 11:59 pm sunday. he doesnt really get this point. jj insists that i can take the A train, which is the same train heather is taking, except in a different direction and the entrances are at different locations. he seems confident and wants to walk us there to make sure we're okay, so i decide on that choice...

so, alex goes off in one direction, jj, heather, and i go off in the other. about 10 minutes later we're dropping heather off, and jj and i continue walking. about 40 seconds later, the sky comes tumbling down. literally. the weather chose THIS moment to decide on a rain/thunder/lightening storm as jj and i have no umbrella or anything and have like 4 more blocks to go until my subway entrance. so, we make the most of it and laugh and enjoy it, and we skip arm-in-arm (i should mention here that jj is something like 6'6" and not fat, but not short, he's not a small man) in the rain. i got him to take a picture of me with his cell phone, although he didnt quite capture just how soaking wet i was!

so, after jj takes this lovely picture of me, we continue on for a couple minutes until jj goes "oooooh....crap..." which, for some reason, instantly alarms me. and so i ask, calmly, whats the matter, my dear friend jj? and he tells me that he forgot. there is no subway entrance for me in that direction. i have to walk another 9 blocks. in the rain. alone. because we're now at his apartment. i smile and say, oh thats alright, as i am silently cursing him in my mind. so, off i go in search of the elusive subway entrance. as im walking, i decide to call alex so i can have someone to keep me company as im stumbling through the soaking wet streets of the new york night. alex gets on the phone, i tell him what happens, he laughs, and says, you shouldve taken the 4! he should be glad he wasnt with me at that moment, because i would have hit him...=)

so, i finally (FINALLY!) get to teh subway entrance, and as i am going down the stairs, holding up my soaking wet jeans, and going SLOWLY on the stairs so i dont eat sh**, i can hear the train. as it is PULLING AWAY FROM THE STATION. crap crap double crap. so, that means that i have to sit in the subway station for god knows how long until the next train comes. which doesnt happen for about 35 minutes. (note for the parents: it was very well lit and a lot of people, including many nypd. totally safe!!) when the train finally DID come, i was surprised to see it on a different track than it was supposed to be. but i double checked before i got on, yes this is the A, it says "A" everywhere, so it must be the A. and its a brooklyn-bound train. okay, brooklyn-bound A train....i get on, make my self comfy (as comfy as one can be on a disease-infested brooklyn train, which generally arent teh nicest, newest trains), sit back, and wait for my stop, the first stop in brooklyn, to come.

la dee stop should be coming up soon. oh, we're in brooklyn. at borough hall. thats PAST my stop!! wait! what happened!! where did high street go??? yeah, the train didnt stop at my station. i dont know why. i dont know if it was a different route, or a different A train, or what. all i do know is that at 330 am, still heavily tequila-d, i had to stumble off the train, out of the station, and try to figure out WHERE i am. the borough hall stop is HUGE, it goes under a few city blocks, and where i came out at, i know i had never been. i stop someone on the street and ask if they know where my street you dont? but you think its that direction? okay, ill take a chance...i go stumbling off and finally find some security guard and i ask him where my street is. he doesnt know. so i ask about another street. he doesnt know. and then i ask about a THIRD street, and he kinda gives me a funny look and says, its right there, pointing to the next street. oh. well, at least i know where im at. i start to walk away and this security guard starts talking to me. i dont really know about what. in truth, i really didnt care. and then he goes (no joke) "you seem to be really interesting and i would love to continue this conversation over dinner some time. can i call you?" i just stared at him. im thinking, dude! its 330 am! im tired. i am SOAKING wet. and im lost! are you SERIOUSLY asking me out? yeah, he was. i made up some story about how my boyfriend wouldnt like it, and he asks if my boyfriend had come out from california with me and i say no, and he says, youve only been here two weeks and already have a boyfriend? triple crap! i mumbled something about something and then walked off. 15 minutes later i was home....

and then i woke up at 830.

how was your night!? =)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Photo time!!!

this is my sink and part of my stove. arent you glad that i am giving you a walking tour of the most obvious things? yeah, im awesome like that
this is my fridge.

This is my main room.

This is my main room. clean.

sorry theyre out of order. im tired. and hungry. and dont feel like editing. =)

more pictures to come!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

salvaging a bit of california in new york

*note* i am about to attempt to link to certain things/places/etc. bear (bare?) with me!

**note 2** i LIKE not being able to spell correctly!!!!!!!! =)

as most of you know, one of the absolute highlights for me in coming to nyc was that this past spring, they had JUST put in the FIRST trader joe's in the state! (maybe just the area...either way, i was STOOOOKED!!) so, since i arrived here...oh, who am i kidding. ive been planning a trip to trader joe's since i found out i was accepted to school out here! but today was my tj's day. i talked about it last nigth with my friend alex who lives near union square. he said he might go with me today so i should give him a call. so, i called him but he decided that he couldnt be spending any money right now (blah blah blah) but he told me to come by his apartment while i was in the area. so, being the logical thinker i am, i went before tj's because i didnt want any of my frozen goods to melt while i was visiting!
so, off to manhattan i go in my little subway car. it took me maybe 20 minutes to get from my apartment in brooklyn heights to union square in manhattan. 20 minutes, i thought to myself, not bad! my stuff cant get ruined in 20 minutes!!
first to alex's apartment. he lives in this super nice building with a doorman and everything! (apparently i lucked out with the doorman that was on duty. alex said if i had come any earlier, there would have been another guy there who makes it his mission to hit on all of alex's female friends...inappropriate touching and all) i head on up to alex's apartment where we talk about how unfortunate it is to share a wall with an old man who has a lot of sex, how his neighbors need to get blinds because they have a lot of sex (alex, why dont you just not watch them and close your blinds? there was no good response to that question), and slowly the conversation drifted off onto one of my favorite topics...sharks.
i seem to frighten people with my phobia. alex decided that i should go into therapy (duh), but he suggested that i need to become *special* friends with a shark first. he prescribed many nights of shark spooning....i guess you had to be there.

anyway! on to the important stuff at hand! tj's!!
as it is the only tjs in the area, it is in high demand. ive heard stories about a line down the street constantly. the reality, i was told, was that you might have to wait like 25 minutes in the check outline. thats not bad. so, i get in and it SMELLS like tjs, which, in turn, smells like california to me. it was very nice. i went through the store quickly grabbing all of my favorite necessities before jumping in the line, and waiting a total of....7 minutes!! score!!!
so, i get to the checkout counter and im stoked because im in tjs and it took no time at all, and the cashiere notices my tjs tote that i have as being from california so we talk about how great california is, good times. i leave the store with a huge grin on my face, and then it happens. i look next to the tjs exit and what do i see? a whole OTHER tjs store dedicated totally to WINE! score!!!! so, i spend some more time in there, picked out a few bottles of wine (ill let you know how they are!) and go on my merry way to the subway station.
where i wait. 35 minutes. for one damn train. and then i get ON the train and it goes on its jolly way for two whole stations before we stop. and sit. and wait. and wait some more. finally, the train gets took me over an hour to get home. i was PISSED. my frozen stuff was all defrosted (luckily i dont eat meat so i dont think anything is ruined).
it almost ruined my tjs high!!!

now i should go do some reading...yeah! contract law!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

orientation--day one.

so, this coming week is orientation for all of us 1Ls. mon-thur we have a really EXCITING class (not) called Introduction to the Study of Law. score. yesterday was even more exciting (i actually had a lot of fun, but ill get to that). we had convocation! woohoo!! par-tay!

so, yesterday, orientation began with each student gathering with their student counselor. for those of you who have not attended law school (the vast majority, i suppose), students are broken down into sections to make for smaller classes. for us part-timers (10D!!!!), we're broken down by our legal writing section. so, i think it was about 16 of us. we all gather and meet our counserlor, rosann, and we all say our names and ask rosann questions. boring. that was at 3. at 4, we walked over to the courthouse for the convocation, which was to start at 5. yeah, the walk took all of 30 seconds, so we were seated in these CRAMPED seats (i seriously had NO leg room, but im awesome and got myself an aisle seat. yeah, i rock) for a good 50 minutes before...teh speaking began. now, i have no idea who any of hte speakers were except for teh dean. the first guy who spoke was alright. cheesy, but what can you expect. i was unimpressed by the next speaker, but that could have been because she was a 3L (third year student) and was super smart, top of her class, had done this and this and this, graduated from undergrad with honors, etc etc, and she seemed stuck up. i dont like those people. those are the people i am going to be surrounded by, but i dont like them. so, i didnt like her speech. mainly on principle, but also cuz it was boring. =)
i actually enjoyed the third speaker. he started off by talking about how from that moment on, the way we think and view the world is going to be forever altered. as an example, he used fairy tales. such as, hansel and gretel. i dont remember exactly what he said, but it was something like, hansel used breadcrumbs to mark their path through teh forest, but the breadcrumbs were eaten by birds. was hansel negligent in his thinking, or something like that. or oculd the stepmother who left them there be responsible for their plight. yeah, im not making much sense here, but trust me, it was entertaining.
his next little anecdot was regarding the Disabilities Act, where certain animals are allowed in certain places, such as seeing-eye dogs. this was about these two women from a red state who were flying somewhere and brought their 200 pound pig with them, claiming they could take him under this act because he provided emotional support. the pig apparently freaked out at hte end of the flight and spent his time rampaging up and down teh aisles...
anways, that was an hour and a half of talking. finally! it was over! we were then taken back to the law school for a reception, where youre supposed to mingle wiht people you dont know. im not really a big mingler. im more the type to stand in the background and mock others. (its more fun that way). luckily!! two of the people from my section (heather and alex) are the same way. so we basically hung out together verbally bashing our peers. it was a good time....
heather is crazy. she literally made the decision to attend bls three days ago. she picked up and moved out here THREE DAYS ago from la. crazy!
alex used to be an actor. apparently, he was in some verizon commercial and something else...i dont really remember. but he owns his own apartment (hes 27) near union square. im jealous.
the other girl i met, but who didnt stay for teh reception, was shannon. she just had a baby 3 weeks ago, and now shes starting law school! shes crazy, as well.

so, the reception got boring real fast--no wine or beer or anything. so, our counselor rosann took alex heather and i over to the local bar, o'keefes...alex and i plan on spending many a long night at this bar. we started this tradition last night. rosann and her friend (no clue what his name was) bought our drinks for us, so we just hung out being loud and obnoxious together....he loves bob saget, too!! so, alex is my new bff (sorry sum). we were out to about midnight or so (which actually isnt too late by new york standards), at which point i came home to my TRASHED apartment and tried to sleep. an hour later, i was still wide awake, sweating profusely. i finally passed out, but it wasnt until i turned my fan right onto myself...i guess i could have turned on the AC, but its in the kitchen, and i didnt want to have to run it on high just so i could feel it in my room...lame. oh well.

tonight is my first class (the intro to law thing), and i will update again soon!!

im back! i think i almost died without internet access!!

after DAYS of no internet access, i finally found some poor schmuck who isnt protecting their wireless, and i am mooching off of them!! muahahaha! yeah, im awesome.

so! the past week has been crazy! you know, people warn you of how muggy and nasty the east coast is, but you really cant appreciate it until your skin is constantly drenched in moistness...its especially SUPER fun when you are down in the subway, sweating through your tiny tank top and shorts. seriously--air condition people!

so, when i got into the city last week, i was staying at my best friend summer's older brother's (justin) apartment on the upper east side. in case any of you dont know, thats about a 45 minute to an hour subway trip. it shouldnt take that long, but it does. so, for about 5 days i was travelling between justin's apartment and my bare, empty furniture, posession-less apartment in brooklyn heights. each trip i made, i would lug bags of clothing, usually in plastic bags because i didnt have a backpack or anything since they were all packed sitting in a shipping yard. i think at this point i have new permanent lines on my hands from where the circulation was continuously cut off.

thursday (wednesday?) night, i went out with justin, his friends sean and paul, and two of paul's friends from san diego who were in town for some volleyball tournament. we went to dinner at this TINY little asian restaurant in the les (lower east side). it must of been a japanese restaurant because they are known for their sake, but japanese doesnt sound right... anyway, i had AMAZING shrimp (drunken spicy shrimp they were called...soaked in sake...excuse me as i drool), and sake for the first time. ive decided something--i dont like sake. i mean, its not horrible or anything, but its really not my first choice. i sipped mine cautiously as i watched justin and sean basically split the huge bottle of sake. the dinner ended very well because the three guys decided to treat the three of us girls (ladies?). i love free food!! =)
afterwards, we went to moby's restaurant for tea and desert. now, i dont know if you know who moby is, but he is a musical artists specializing in dance/techno-ish music (if you heard his songs, you would recognize them. a lot have been on commercials, etc). so, his music is good. his restaurant is...well, i wasnt that impressed. but that might have been because my glass of merlot smelled and tasted like mildew. no joke.
now, im not quite the wine-y that, say, my father is, but i feel i can tell when a wine is good or bad. when a wine smells and tastes like ASS, my guess is that the wine is bad! i was so bummed. 8 friggin dollars for nasty ass wine that i didnt even drink. and then i got a raspberry cupcake...i wasnt too impressed by that, either, but at least it didnt taste like mildew.
justin's friend paul got a tea called "peach cobbler." i didnt taste it, but i could smell it all the way down at the other end of the table. it smelled a-MAZING. so, it seems that if you feel the need to go to moby's restuarant, get the tea and nothing else...

friday. ah friday....
so, by friday, i am exhausted. im still (even today!) not used to the time change, im stressed about moving 3000 miles away from home, im staying on someone's couch, i dont have any of my personal belongings...ick, stressed. friday afternoon (early afternoon, to be exact), the shipping company is supposed to deliver my belongings. i had hired two guys off the internet (!) to help me move the stuff up and into my apartment. i thought the shipping company would come and deliver my stuff (which was on a pallet) onto the sidewalk, and the movers would come later and help me move in. boy, was i WRONG. apparently, i was supposed to have the movers standing by (paying by the hour, of course) from 11-4 so they could be there to help unload the truck. so, the shipping guy gets there, and freaks out because there is no one there. i panic and start calling the movers to see if they can come two hours earlier than i had requested, which of course they cant. as the shipping guy and i are standing on the sidewalk staring at his truck trying to figure out what to do, i get a call from the shipping guy's boss, who proceeds to bitch me out for being unprepared, and, basically, for being a moron. it was fun. and special. we hang up and i get another call from someone else at the shipping company who is upset with me as well, and talks to me like an idiot. its at this point that things start to fall apart for me. i can feel the tears coming and my exhaustion taking over, and im starting to crumble. this, thankfully, puts the shipping guy in a much NICER mood and he tries to calm me down, and im just like, whatever, take my stuff. leave. which he did.
i go up to my empty apartment, sit on the bare, naked floor, and start sobbing. i call my mother and my father, babbling incoherently to them. i call a friend and leave a sobbing message on his voicemail which he later laughs about how hysterical i was =). as im having this wonderful melt-down moment, someone knocks on my door. i answer it with tears streaming down my face, mascara all over, and im a nasty sweaty mess from the afore mentioned humidity. its the gas man. he kinda stands there perplexed for a moment before he timidly says, "uh...i had an appointment to turn your gas on..." i nod, apologize for the sobbing and go back to my place on the empty floor where i sit, quietly crying, until he leaves...which was damn quickly.
but, it all worked out in the end. i shelled (well, my parents, hopefully!!!) =) out another few hundered dollars for a saturday delivery of my belongings, new movers (one of whom was nasty and sweaty and old and kept flirting with me..."im sorry to keep staring but you have BEAUTIFUL eyes." "thanks, scary moving man who knows where i live. i think i will just smile and thank you until i can get you out of my apartment and lock the deadbolt!"), and i have my stuff!! last night was the second night i got to sleep in my own bed!!

now, if i could just get some shelves and drawers in here i could pick all 17 boxes worth of contents off my floor and organize!! ah well, another project for another day....

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

hot hot muggy hot

so, i made it to nyc! i took a nice red-eye flight where i got very little, if any, sleep. i then took the slowest cab ride in the world to my new super-cute little apartment! unfortunately, my computer isnt letting me post pictures right now, so i will post them at a later point so you all can see just how cute it is.
after making myself a little bed out of the blanket i stole from the airplane and a couple sweatshirts for a pillow, i put some gilmore girls on my laptop and snoozed away for a couple hours to the sounds of lorelai and rory....ahhhh, peace. however, that peace only lasted a short while because my poor body that summer broke yesterday with her nazi-like workout regiment started aching on my, i hauled my tired ass up, packed up a bag i thought would be light enough to haul all over manhattan, and proceeded to queens to meet justin to get the key to his apartment so i could actually sleep with a pillow and sheets tonight! from queens i had to take the subway back to manhattan, and then walk 5.5 blocks to his apartment--lugging my stupid bag with me the whole time. by the time i got here, i was drenched in sweat and literally had to PEEL my pants off of me....yeah, thats right, im super hot!
well, i havent eaten yet today (its about 130 out here) and have barely slept and i desperately need a shower, so i will update you all later about the goings ons in brooklyn and nyc!