Cali Girl in NYC

I've lived in California for 24 years, and decided to move clear across the country for law school. this will be where all can come to laugh at me as i die in the humidity and freeze in the snow as my california body adjusts to life in new york city...through this blog, i hope to have everyone else suffer just a little with me as i make my way through law school

Monday, October 30, 2006

Brooklyn Pizza!

so, for those of you who live out there on the west coast, domino's pizza has thought up a way to bring you closer to me!! they are now advertising for their Brooklyn-Style Pizza! i dont really get it, but the commercial is actually pretty funny. welcome to my pizza, friends!!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

see what i mean!?

Saturday, October 28, 2006

weather in new york

so, the weather had been forecasting crazy rain all day today. i had to be at school at 11 for a review session for a test. so, i bundle up (layers, jacket with hood, scarve, umbrella) and go running out the door (oh yeah, i was late, too). i get out of my building and two things happen:
1) i notice that it is absolutely not raining. nor does it look like it has rained for a while.
2) i start sweating buckets because its like 70 degrees out.

i get to school, stay there for about an hour and a half, walk home in the sun, and make lunch. by the time i sat down to eat (about 10 minutes ago) i hear an odd noise outside: rain. coming down in buckets. at an insane angle indicating a lot of wind. with lightening. and thunder. its like some really moody person: from warm and sunny to grizzly and angry. madness....

Thursday, October 26, 2006

jersey...who knew??

so, new jersey voted to recognize same-sex marriages yesterday. it's great news and everything, but of course, its going to be fought. heaven forbid people are allowed to be happy and do what they want.
also, i want to mention: this story was on for less time than the execution of the serial killer in florida--a story which basically details the killings and the fact that the guy sung as he was injected. how can an execution stay on the cnn headlines longer than groundbreaking legislation? i dont know.

but yea!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

WARNING gilmore girls spoiler!


HOW do you end a show that is NOT full house or some crap showing everyone sitting around smiling at one another. ick. i literally feel dirty.

and WHAT is WITH the girls at the end talking about the show? does the cw think that if they have late-teen girls sitting around talking about how great the show is and what they think about the characters it is going to make us forget how much the show sucks? no, and im not even joking when i say "sucks." because it does. if i had never started watching the show, i sure as heck wouldnt start now. it is crap. the writing is crap. the acting is going to crap. (is it just me, or did rory get even MORE whiny than she was last season?! is that even possible????)

oh, but i have to say. there was ONE moment where i was reminded of what gg used to be. somehow, emily has held on to who she is. i think i laughed at the show for the first time this season.

ick. im bothered.

it's crap.

here we go again...

another tuesday. another day to mourn the amazing writing and performances that USED to be gilmore's so sad...

Monday, October 23, 2006

i've never been more disturbed in my life...

so, have any of you heard of this show called "talk sex with sue johanson" on the oxygen network? criminitly!!
she's this woman in her late 60s/early 70s who talks about sex. now, when i say "talks about sex" i mean s-e-x. not birds and bees crap. i just randomly turned it on and she was giving this woman (its all via phone calls) advice about phone sex. in a very dry, emotionless voice, i just heard some very dirty things that you shouldnt be able to hear on basic cable. and up next, after this commercial break, there is a segment called "hot stuff." i wasn't too sure where it was going until two things happened:
1) she said she has been collecting toys
2) as it went to commercial, the camera zoomed in on a huge vibrator called "sally see." no comment.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Perry, Pasties, and...uuuh...Possible Acting Career (there! three ps!)

so, im still working on my paper. i think it is really coming along. it is due tomorrow night before 6, so, hopefully, i should have it where i want it by then!

friday night i took a much needed break to hang out with some friends.

first up! my friends matt and KC (it's actually "casey," but for those of you who are in-the-know, i think it is better to use "KC") and i had planned to go see the Prestige on friday night. i have been waiting for this movie for a while. christian bale. nice!! however, we kinda forgot it was opening night on a friday, so it was sold out by the time we got there. damn!! so, we decided to head back to my apartment for some drinks before we headed out for our respective friday night debaucheries (fyi, i looked up "debauchery" to ensure that i spelled it right, and one of the definitions it gave was "orgies." yeah, thats not what i did with my friday night.).
so, the three of us had fun sitting around joking and telling stories.

from there! the boys were nice enough to take the F train with me into the city, when they could have taken a nicer, quicker train to where they were heading. but it worked out for me! i took the train to the lower east side to a bar called Piano's. i fell in love with the bartender. SO CUTE! anyways, side
i met up with JJ and three of his friends: jim, travis?, and jason? i dont really remember all their names. i remember jim because i asked him like seven times what his name was. after a while, it started to sink in. while we were there, i was talking to one of the guys about some random guy in the bar who i thought was dressed like one of the village people, and then jj's friend goes, "doesnt he look like someone?" and as SOON as he said that i though, "its perry farrell!" (and here) and i got jj's attention, and we probably spent a good 15 minutes staring at this guy before we finally determined that it was not him. im still not 100% sure that it wasnt, though...

from there we went to the Slipper Room (here, and here). i have to say, time with jj is never dull....
this was our host. he was actually a pretty entertaining comedian. and who can guess what super-hero he is dressed as??!?

that's right, my friends! he's wonder woman. i saw more man-thigh than i have ever cared to see.
here is the host talking to the most beligerently drunk woman EVER. i cant even begin to tell you how funny this moment was.

i think the best part was a litte later, the host came back out to say that he had been talking to the "heavy" at the bar, who said that if the woman had tried to attack the host, he totally would have let her. good times.

oh! here was another great moment! there was a girl in the audience who's birthday it was, so the host called her up on stage. her name was sara and she was jewish (this is pertinent information). then the host says that since it's her birthday, and it is a burlesque show, she should have a dance-off with someone else from the audience. and who should it be? well, it should be OUR jewish friend named sara, of course!!!
poor sara is a trooper. she wasnt drinking, but she got up on the stage and did an amazing job! she didnt win, but i think its only because it was the other sara's birthday. but my friend sara rocks!

so innocent...and then.....


our host after a costume change (velour underoos) and the winning sara.

when we were about to leave, im not sure how it happened, but one of the dancers came up and put pasties on jj's friend jim. she even taught him to do a little dance...

from there, we went dancing, and alex met up with us. he gave me an acting lesson. here is "confused."

i could so be the world's greatest actress!!!

alright, enough time wasted. back to the grind...was it enforceable?!

Friday, October 20, 2006

THREE in one day! (well, technically, here, it's the next day...)

you know what i love? i love my computer crashing. again. at 1:50 am when i am SO CLOSE TO FINISHING!! (my first draft, that is) excuse me for a moment, but i think


okay. better.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

wow, twice in one day

so, erin bailed on me. she's at work writing a real-life memo, and im sitting here writing a memo thats worth 35% of my grade. good times all around.

well, im still taking a break from writing. guess what im doing. im super cool. here's a hint:

-"Isn't this great? The salty sea air, the wind blowing in your face. (sigh) Perfect day to be at sea!"
-"Oh yes (urp) delightful..."

the first one to guess that get's a prize (not really, i dont have time to find prizes for people! im in lawschool! geez!)

quick note

so, i have a quick 13 free minutes, so i thought i would send out a quick message. i know that there are many of you who live from blog to blog...

law school suddenly got busy. all of a sudden, more reading, harder reading, we have to start preparing for finals (2 months away) AND we have our first graded legal writing assignment. it is a legal memo, 7 pages, and 35% of our grade. AND! the BEST part! our grades are competitive! so, there are 16 of us competing for grades...its great. swell. fabulous. ive been working on it all day (and the past few days, but really dug into it today) and now im off to grab some dinner adn then go shopping at old navy in manhattan with erin. and then back to the paper! late night. then all day tomorrow...etc etc...yes, this is my life.

so, there. thats how school is.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

easing some fears...

so, i received some calls and messages today wondering whether i was okay...honestly, i had NO idea why everyone was calling.
and then i got to school and hear about this. it is a horrible and unfortunate accident, but i am alright! i wasnt in the city today, so, like i said, i had no idea about it.
but here's the deal:
as soon as i hear about something going on in my area, i will most likely msg a few key people (parents, siblings, a friend or two) to let you know that im alright. if you all hear of something but havent heard of me, go ahead and call or msg me--just be sure to let me know WHY you're worried! i probably wont know!! =)
anyways, im okay.

fargo isnt okay. she has to have root canals!

one of the most irritating things in the world

so, here it is. 2am. i have been working on a paper now for the past three hours. its supposed to be four pages, and im at 5. i have to edit, and i cant figure out what to edit. im getting tired and cranky and all i want to do is fix one last thing on the paper, shut down my computer and go to sleep.
well, at the last minute, the margins freak out on the paper, and i dont know how to correct them. in trying to restart my computer to see if that would do anything, my computer decided to freeze. i have now been trying to do this "one last thing" for almost a half hour now. and i want to scream. but i am too tired.
so, for those of you who feel like i never write about anything regarding school, there you go. im hating my computer. im hating word. and im hating this paper.

i might be calling some of you tomorrow to figure out the freaking margin thing. waaaaaaah.

fargo...i dont know about fargo. im too tired...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

what a crazy night! (and NO alcohol was involved!)

so, my what a night. i started off with five different things to do this evening, and wound up doing four--although the things i was supposed to do changed through the night. so, here we go!

1) dinner with justin haines
so, when i moved here initially, i stayed with justin for a few days, so i saw him frequently. other than that, i think ive seen him once--his birthday party. so, he sent me a message this morning saying we should hang out, so we decided to get dinner.
as i was sitting around today, procrastinating against studying, i decided to check out different restaurants that we could go to. since i knew i was going to have to be in chelsea for my second event (wait for it!), i decided to check out cheap restaurants in that neighborhood. i found an interesting club called El Cocotero which looked interesting. venezeulan food. so, we decide to meet up and when i get off the subway justin calls and says he didnt see it and now he is two blocks away. i tell him im looking at the building with the correct address on it, but it was an apartment building, so it couldnt be right. so i walk down the street to meet him, and i was REALLY excited about eating there, so he went ahead and called the restaurant and they said they were at the address i had, so we went back. we went back and walked by the same address again and then realized--dude, its the building RIGHT NEXT DOOR. at this point, we had now both walked past it twice. we're pathetic.
we go in and its this tiny little place, and it appeared to be run by this venezuelan family. i orderd a passion fruit juice--pretty good. the food was AMAZING. soo good, very authentic. and cheap! yeah cheap! we started off with the arepitas con nata, which are basically deep-fried discs of cornmeal. yeah for deep-fried goodness! we also had the tequeñon, basically deep-fried cheese, but different from a regular cheesestick in that it wasnt breaded. but it was pretty good. i also had the pabellón, which was a larger deep-fried cornmeal pocket-like item stuffed with a plantain and spicy black beans! yum! justin had some sort of tamale type item. i was very impressed by the food.
from there, we went down the block to cuba cafe to grab a drink. i dont really drink rum, but they advertise that theyre famous for their mojitos. justin got one and he said it was really good. they had fun cuban music in the background and the food looked pretty good. my friend matt came and met us there.

2) party with matt
matt is a new friend from school. i had seen him before in class, of course, but i only met him last week. at which time he told me that he wanted to bring me to his friend's birthday party this weekend, and, at the time, i was just like "okay, sure, we'll see." but true to his word, he asked me again to go! so, i decided that i should. he did warn me ahead of time that the party would be like 97% gay men, but he assured me that i would have fun. i have to say, the prospect of an evening with a group of gay men was not at all unappealling (oh just wait until my fourth event!). so, we get to his friend's house and it is beautiful. hardwood floors, but black. granite counters, beautiful new dishwasher and gas range. i was very impressed. and i think matt's estimation of 97% gay was wrong. there was only one straight guy there, and i didnt find out that he was straight until much later. ah well. it was a mellow time. we did get there on the earlier side, so it hadnt really picked up, yet. i was there for about a half hour before jj called for me to meet up with him and mitchell.

3) party with jj
jj had invited me to this party he had been invited to. one of his friends was housesitting this three-story penthouse on the lower east side (i think thats the correct neighborhood, but i actually have no idea). the apartment was A-MAZING. it had just been all done up because they had a photographer in earlier that day. you come in on the middle floor, you can go up some stairs to the roof garden complete with hottub, and downstairs bedroom/office and balcony. i wont even begin to try to explain it, but take my word that it was awesome. there were HUGE flatscreen TVs in every room...full bar, etc etc. i got to meet some of jj's other friends, and it was nice and mellow. jj decided around 1 that he was ready to go, and at about that time i got a call from matt to come meet him at a club.

4) mr BLACK
another friend from school, sara, had come to the loft party with jj, mitchell and i, and she knows matt, and i decided that she needed to come with me. so, we hopped in a cab and went over to soho to a club called mr BLACK. we were curious about whether it was a gay club or not, and our suspicions were confirmed when we pulled up to the club and the only people in line were well-built men. no, no, i kid you not about the physical part. i would say that 95% of the guys there were at least in shape. weird.
haha, by the way, be sure to click on that link for the club because i found something about it really interesting. it definitely lists mr black as a gay club, but it has a picture of three girls and it says that it is "lesbian." now, maybe on other nights it could be more of a lesbian crowd, but that time is DEFINITELY NOT saturday nights. and here's why:
as we were walking in, i could see that there were topless male dancers in these little cove areas. i soon realized that not only were they topless, but they were either wearing teensy tiny little underoos or thongs. i almost died. sara and i both really had to pee and so we went in search of the bathroom. we literally walked the perimiter of the club before we found it (this was everyone else's fault. we kept asking where it was and we were given wrong directions). it was a unisex bathroom. however, it was not unisex in the sense that anyone could use the single bathroom, it was unisex in the sense that there were three urinals and a stall all in the same room. when we first opened the door, we saw a LOT of a couple of gentlemen. we quickly closed the door and busted up laughing. but, we braved it and took turns. although i MUST describe one of the gentlemen in there. red boots. red hat. red gloves. and a red jock-strap like thing. and that was it. it was awesome.
from there, we met back up with matt and his friends, and we happened to be standing in front of one of the coves with dancing naked men. i have to say, i was unbelievably impressed by those boys! (literally, boys. they were nineteen. we asked.) one of them was actually kinda cute. he resembled ryan phillippe in a way. the other kid was INSANE! i have never seen anyone, let alone a guy, as bendy as him! he could get one leg straight up in the air. and he didnt have much of a butt, but he could shake what he had better than beyonce!! and those dancing boys LOVED sara and i. every time they caught our eyes, they would give us kissy-face and try and get us over. now, as i mentioned, i wasnt drinking last night, but i still felt the need to add a dollar bill to one of their little underoos, but before i got the courage up, they stopped dancing. i have to admit, i was disappointed i didnt get the chance to tip the boys! so, matt made me pull out a dollar, which he signed, and he told me that i needed to keep it in a safe place until the next time he takes me to a club like that. so, now i have my dollar bill saved for another time.

all in all, it shaped up to be quite a night. i actually started writing this blog when i got home, but then alex called and i wound up talking to him until after 5 am, at which point i thought it was time for bed and i had to put off finishing this. quite a night...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

life decisions

this morning, i had an incredibly important decision to make. i could either
a) be scalded all the way down my bare legs by boiling water
b) let the coffee spill

i opted for b. which, i think all would agree, is the better choice. however, the end result was not only spilled coffee, but coffee GROUNDS. all over. all over the floor. all over the cabinets. all over the wall-papered walls, all over the floor in the hallway, all over my feet (which were in socks, so didnt get burned!). yeah, that was fun. i got to spend about 12 minutes cleaning up when all i had wanted to do was roll out of bed, make some coffee and toast, crawl back in bed and watch some gilmore girls season one, disc two, second episode. ah well...decisions decisions.


yesterday, my older brother lorin came into nyc to do a show. i was really excited because even when i was living in california, i didnt get to see him much, so its always great when i get to see him.
he came out to my apartment in brooklyn for a few hours yesterday, and i wanted to take him around brooklyn heights, and down to the bridge, etc etc. one small hitch in the plan: fall has hit. it was unbelievable ASS COLD with an extra special biting wind "nipping" at any inch of exposed skin. we did walk down the promenade so i could show off the amazing view that i have from my apartment, and that was great, and i walked him by the outside of my school.
i had gotten together alex, jj, mitchell, and heather to go with me to lorin's show last night. heather wound up bailing, so it was me and the boys. but they seemed to have fun--poor mitchell was half asleep in the corner the whole time, but he seemed to have fun (i hope!).
i hadnt been to one of lorin's shows since....hmm...i honestly cant remember. i know i saw him my first year of college, five years ago, but i cant remember if i have seen him since. well, in that time, his music and performance has definitely evolved. that is not to say that he wasnt awesome back then, but its just different now.
it was really fun, too, to watch the crowd with him, and to hear people talking about how awesome bassnectar is! it was great because the dj who was on before lorin had a crowd of people dancing, but when lorin went on, the floor was PACKED. and when lorin finished, the dance floor basically cleared. i was so proud.
he did really fun mixes of the bangels, walk like an egyption, missy elliot's "pass the dutch," and some 1920s-ish music. it was freaking INSANE. he was awesome.
but, now im tired, but i have to pull it together to get up to the upper west side to bring my friend erin some lunch. the poor girl just started her first couple of weeks as a first year associate at a lawfirm here, and they are WORKING her, and now she has pneumonia. then, after i get up there, ive got to get back here to do some studying, then i have three different things to do tonight...
its so hard to be popular...

fargo is a butt-faced miscreant!

inside joke

i hate alex and all his friends.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

best friends...

so, summer recently blogged about how she loves pumpking things. well, that reminded me that starbucks (booo!), where i basically REFUSE to buy coffee from because its overpriced and really not all that amazing, actually IS amazing from october to december. this is because they have two seasonal drinks--pumpkin spice lattes and gingerbread lattes. A-MAZING! however, they are sooo expensive! i spent almost 5 dollars on a coffee today!! bastards! and the addiction isnt going to end....damn summer for reminding me! damn her!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Things I Love

if i were creative enough, i would do this to the tune to "favorite things" from the sound of music...however, im not. but, it would probably be best if you could find the song, and put it on in the background while you read this.

1) getting to school at 445pm when it is sunny and warm.
2) leaving school at 9pm when it is raining. hard.
3) being caught in the rain in a see-through white shirt.
4) being caught in the rain in flip-flops.
5) being caught in the rain in flip flops on the dirty nasty disgusting frightening streets of new york city.
6) friends who lend you their sweater to wear over your see-through white shirt in the rain.
7) an AWESOME subway system, so i only had to walk two blocks as oppose to twelve...
9) milky-way bars when im pmsing....nice!
10) fargo!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

i'm sorry mom...i can no longer keep my silence!

so, as most of you know, i LOVE gilmore girls. absolutely love it.


i. hate. this. season. and there has only been two episodes so far...

let's start nice. the director sucks. weird angles. weird shots. just odd. it dosent have the same gilmore feel.

secondly, the writing absolutely sucks. SUCKS! the writer is making a bad situation worse. and, WARNING SPOILER: he has rory acting a way that she would NOT act. there is a scene with rory and lorelai in tonight's episode that could not have felt more forced or fake. and the dialogue! uuugh!! it used to be casually witty and smart! now it's forced and trite! it is really unfortnate. in fact, im sickened.
and i hate to say, but as much as i love this show, im glad that it is giong to end this season. i cant see it getting any better.

ew. ew. make the madness stop.

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Dating Game

my perfect match

Check this out to find out which dead celebrity you are most compatible with!!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

night out on the town...culture, etc

*Note: due to an excessive amount of criticism and an overwhelming lack of a sense of humor, i have edited my previous post about my day out with jj.

so, last night, i hung out with a new friend from school. yeah!! but before that...

i dont know if i have mentioned that jj is an actor, and he knows all these different actor people. a guy from jj's acting school was performing in a one-man show, and jj invited me to go. the first exciting thing about the evening was that i got to finally meet jj's wife!! this was exciting to me on different levels. first of all, it is always fun to meet one of your "good" friend's significant other. secondly, tracy is the elusive wife. she is a cardiologist or something and works crazy hours, and constantly. alex, who has known jj now for a couple years, has himself only just met her recently. but i was impressed. she is absolutely beautiful, and really nice.
anyway, so, i meet jj, tracy, and jj's friend ian (another friend from acting class) out front of this random building near madison square garden. we're all standing outside what looks like a regular apartment building, except the front doors are locked. it almost seemed sketchy, and we were all kinda looking at each other trying to figure out what is going on. then, this guy (we later found out he was the director) came and let us in.
so, we go into this tiny little theater that seated maybe 20--however, i think there was at MOST twelve people. that included our group of four, jj's actor friend chris' parents, and a group of people there for the second performer.
so, chris' performance...what can i say about his performance....well, he came in and sat on a chair and performed this random dialogue, that we finally figured out had to do with death. i mean, at first, it was easy enough to understand. it was an old man who had just died and was facing Death. from there, he went in to all these different characters talking about random things that were OBSCURELY related to death...i dont know. tracy and i looked at each other when it was over and were just all "uuuh...did you get that?" "no. did you?" "no." thank god. i thought i was just really dense. chris did a decent job, though.
so, then the second "show" started. my god. i will never get those twenty minutes back. by the end of his performance, i was almost ready to beat my lost time out of him...
so, this guy (jj didnt know him, thankfully!!) comes out on the stage. he literally looked like he just rolled out of bed. he badly needed a hair cut, or, if not, a hairbrush. he needed to shave. he was wearing a shirt that was probably two sizes to big for him. his pants looked dirty and they didnt really fit, either. now, at first, i thought that it was a costume. however, no. no it really wasnt. (ill explain momentarily)
his performance was basically him being obsessed with a girl and just an endless dialogue about how she doesnt want him or need him and he loves her. and then he did this horribly long speech about how he has changed himself to please her. he dyed his hair. he toned up his body, etc etc. and in my mind, if that is going to be your dialogue, and you are trying to make this a point, you would WEAR clothes that were more fitting to this specific point. you wouldnt come out looking like trash.
this guy had no emotion in his face, he was unable to connect with the audience, and he chose the most annoying dialogue EVER. no, seriously, three minutes into it, i wanted to stand up and tell him to quit whining. ick, im irritated even now. afterwards, our group of four ran outside to bust up laughing and critique this guy. it was unfortunate.
from there, we went to this irish bar to meet up with chris and tell him he did a good job, blah blah blah. when we got to the bar, chris, the other performer, and their director were sitting at a table, and there wasnt really room for us to sit, so we were just kinda standing near their table. this waitress came over and told us we couldnt stand there. so, tracy and i went and sat at another table, and jj and ian came and stood next to us. jj and ian were told to move. then the waitress asked us what we wanted to drink, and ian ordered something, but the rest of us did not. so she told us that we couldnt sit at the table because there was going to be some live music soon and all the tables were reserved. we looked around at the 80% empty tables....but we moved. we went to this weird random tall table in the middle of the room that we all stood around. the waitress brough ian's drink over, and jj asked for a water. she told him no and went away. we all looked at eachother, and thought she MUST have been drinking. she came back a second later and basically threw the check at ian (he hadnt asked for it. im pretty sure he had been planning on ordering another) and jj asked her if she was refusing to bring him a water. she gave him a dirty look and walked away. we couldnt believe it. i mean, that level of customer
from there, i met up with my friend elena from school. she and i had been talking about going dancing for the past week now, so we were determined to make it out! jj suggested that we go to this place called lit, which was actually a really cool place. it was not at all pretentious (except for one of the DJs who was an ASS!), and i cant even begin to explain the style. there were hard-core punk kids, people dressed nice, and everything in between. it is a two story place, and when we got there, we hung out upstairs. no one was dancing yet (this was around 1230) but the music had a decent beat, so we kinda bounced in teh corner. and then we went downstairs, and it was awesome. when we got down there, the dj was rocking the jackson 5. nice! he busted out a little violent femmes, a little clash, some cyndie lauper, etc. however, i went up and asked for my personal favorite, new kids on the block, and he said he didnt have any. so then i asked for bon jovi. and he said no and told me he didnt do "that" kind of 80s music. and then he gave me this super condescending look and went back to his business. i wanted to kick him.
elena and i had a lot of fun. danced for a few hours, and then decided around 3am that we should go home. however, we got outside and thought, hey! let's go to alex's bar and say hi! ten blocks away....i was in heels. in which i had been dancing for a few hours. ow ow ouch. but we got down to alex's bar and we got a double shot of water and went and busted out dancing barefoot (ew) in one of the rooms of the bar. fun!
around 4, we decided that we really needed to head home, and we decided to grab a cab because we didnt want to have to deal with the subway system (which is super messed up on the weekends, anyways). almost as soon as we had come out of the bar, i saw a cab and i waved to him, then realized that he had his "off duty" lights on. but he stopped anyway and asked if we needed a ride. we said yes, but he was off duty, and we could just grab another cab. he said no. i told him we needed to get to brooklyn, and he still said it was fine. i loved this man. he got us home SO quickly! it was great. so, home close to 5am....and its noon now and i am actually awake....impressive....
another fun-filled evening in nyc.

random thought: Sense of Direction in New York City
so, i dont know how many of you know this about me, but i have a relatively good sense of direction. if i can find one place that i can recognize whereever i am, i can find my way back to where i need to be. i can do this pretty much anywhere--except for new york city. and here is the really ironic thing. nyc is a friggin grid. a lot of streets are numbered. you would think it would be super easy to figure out what direction you need to go. but it never ever fails for me. i ALWAYS, initially, end up going in the wrong direction.

fargo lifts me up where i belong.