Cali Girl in NYC

I've lived in California for 24 years, and decided to move clear across the country for law school. this will be where all can come to laugh at me as i die in the humidity and freeze in the snow as my california body adjusts to life in new york city...through this blog, i hope to have everyone else suffer just a little with me as i make my way through law school

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

the most pathetic 18 minutes and 40 seconds of my life

so. ive gotten to the point in my law school career where a glass of wine at night is a wonderful, wonderful thing. it eases some of the stress, and helps one sleep. (i believe my mother now things im an alcoholic).
so, like a good daughter of a wine-maker, i have never before opened a bottle of wine. oops. so, tonight was going to be my first time opening a bottle of wine, AND using a new corkscrew. i had bought the corkscrew when i first moved here, anticipating nights like these. when i brought it home, i opened it, threw away the packaging, and forgot about it (this is pertinent info).

there i am tonight. going for a glass of wine. it takes me a good 5 minutes to get the outside wrapping off. but i DID it! so then i try and open it with teh corkscrew. no...that didnt work. let me try it this way. no...that didnt work, either. hmmm...what to do? so, laughing at myself for being a MORON, i do what any self-sufficient almost 25 year old "adult" would do. i called mommy and daddy.
my mom answered. help! i say! i dont know how to get at my wine!! my mom tells me im not stupid (aww, the lies parents tell their children) and passes the phone over to my father. my father has so much faith in my intelligence that his first question was, "are you sure its a cork and now a screw cap?" yes, father. i at least know THAT much. =)
so, then we spend about ten minutes searching the internet together (he in california and i in new york) trying to find a picture of the corkscrew i have. and then trying to find directions as to HOW to use the corkscrew. as were finally giving up, he suggests one more thing--shoving teh screw as far down as it will possibly go and then pulling up (pushing down? crap, i already forgot!) on the lever. and lo and behold! POP! out comes the cork!! yeah!!!!!

and thats what i did tonight instead of study.

(well, thats kinda a lie cuz im about to start doing some studying now!)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

the orange menace

i'm sorry...i just cant help myself. this little ball of POOF is just the cutest little brat! and i LOVE the older cat! he totally just puts up with it...and then puts the kitten in a headlock. dear lord...

im so mad at windows/dell right now

so. you've all heard about windows eating itself. and how it occured a week after my warranty expired. which, not only is super ANNOYING, but meant it was harder for me to get someone at dell to help me (yes, i paid for help).
now, when they re-installed windows, something happened so now i cant get pictures off of my memory card. in fact, my computer doesnt even recognize that there is a device plugged-in. i just spent 45 minutes with an on-line chat with a dell technician (who, by the way, told me that my warranty was expired adn tried to transfer me before i told her that this is due to something one of their technicians did--or didnt--do, and the least she could do is help me.) who told me to download this stuff from teh dell website, and ASSURED me that once i re-started my computer, everything would be fine. WRONG!

im irritated.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

stupid christmas shoppers...stupid "deals"...

so. summer sends me a message over the weekend talking about how she got all of the harry potter movies for $4 at target (AND that gg was on sale for $14!! if you havent bought it yet, GO! NOW! BUY IT! TARGET!!! RUN!). so, today, i decide to brave the crowds and go to target and buy me some movies!
lord help us all...
i get to the "mall" (a building wiht like three stores in it) and stop first at verizon to exchange my earpiece. i stand in one line for almost 5 minutes before im told, "if you want to exchange something, go to customer service." fine. i go to customer service. i stand there for a little over 5 minutes. and then im told "oh. you bought this WHEN? yeah, you have to go to the tech window so they can deal with it." fine. i go to the tech window. i stand there for almost FIFTEEN minutes. and then it took the idiot almost another ten to do an exchange for me. so. now im in an AWESOME mood.
i go to target.
imagine. hundreds of people. as far as the eye can see. all crammed in to target. no one being polite. people shoving and pushing to get their items. no one moving themselves, their carts, or their CHILDREN out of the way (i played chicked with at least two kids. yeah. they moved. thats right, bee-otches!). i get through the first floor quickly (toiletries, gym pants). then..i try to go upstairs. first. my damn cart wont attach itself to the escalator-thingy (yes, that is the technical term). then people get in the way and my cart makes it upstairs before me....resulting in a back-up of carts and dirty looks. bastards. so, i make my way all the way around the top floor before getting to THE MOST hectic/crazy/packed department: the electronic and entertainment section. great. so. i go looking for the afore-mentioned deals. i found gg, but i already have all of those. but, basically, nothing else was on a good sale! so, i didnt even get a single movie! all that for NUTHIN!!! ugh.

(update: i just spoke with sum. apparently, the harry potter deal she told me about was a friday morning thing only. ah well)

so, that was my day. how was yours?

Saturday, November 25, 2006

minor anxiety attack

so, here i am. wasting time. procrastinating against outlining my notes for my finals. i look out my window and its getting dark. its 340 in the afternoon. "hmmm," i think, "i wonder what time the sunset is today." so, i go onto yahoo weather to see the time (431). so then i think "hmmm, i wonder what time it will get dark in a week." so, i look at the extended forecast. and thats when my heart skips a beat. i gasp loudly. "nooo!!" screams by california born-and-raised warm-blooded body! saturday. december 2, 2006. what does the weather call for? scattered SNOW SHOWERS! oh dear lord.

thank god its on a saturday, though. that means i wont have to leave my apartment and go out in the SNOW!

holy sh**!!! what a crazy freakin night!!!!

okay. so. where to begin?!?

a few days ago, alex asked me if i wanted to go out dancing with a group of his friends, including jj. so, i had been planning for dancing on friday night. alex calls, tonight, though, and says he's "tired" and "doesnt feel well" and blah blah blah. so, jj and i decide to go out anyways. so, we decide at 10:00 to meet at lit sometime between 12 and 1230.

i throw on a tank top and jeans and head out. for some reason, my luck with the subway is insane, and i happen to catch both trains i need right as i get to the stations. so, i get to lit at 1130. since i was there early, i msgd jj to let him know i was there, and then i msgd our friend ian to see if he wanted to come down and meet us. ian txts back that he was at work, but he would come meet us as soon as he got off of work. jj txts me back that he is still in bed and not dressed yet. punk.

so, im sitting there. alone. at a bar. drinking a beer. i KNOW it is just a matter of time before some tool hits on me. and lo and behold...

these three guys have kinda been looking at me, and i was doing my best to avoid their gazes. but then one of them comes over and asks if i will scoot over so they can share the bench. fine.... and then they start talking to me. idiots. the first guy to talk to me just moved to brooklyn from PA a month ago. oh, really? i say. where in bklyn? he doesnt know. swear to god. not only does he not know what neighborhood he lives in (like i live in brooklyn heights), he doesnt know any of the big streets he lives near. this guy was an idiot. then, for some reason (boohoo) he got up and left. however, that made room for his friend to slide over and start talking to me. stupid boys.... i kinda bs'd wiht this kid for a while, and then ian showed up! yeah for male friends!!! so, all of a sudden, ian appears, and i JUMPED up and gave him this huge long hug and i told him that if he let me go too soon, i would kick his ass. the freaky boy talking to me needed to see that i was NOT available (even though i am...but im picky!!!).
anyways, so the freaky boy leaves. jj comes a while later and we have this crazy fun time dancing. i fell in love with a boy, but he wouldnt even look twice at me. so that was unfortunate.

we met this girl named britain. she was awesome. cute girl, but you could tell she wasnt a girly-girl. adn she couldnt dance. i liked her!

so, there was this guy there. he was there the last time i was at the club. and that last time, i had seen him once, had talked to him, TOTALLY thought he was gay, so i continued kinda talking kinda innocent flirting with him. and then he asked me to go home with him. i felt like saying, "but im a GIRL. and i think you like boys." but i didnt. at that time, i just told him, "i cant. sorry." and i walked away. weird. but he was there again tonight!!! aack! and ian and jj both said he was staring at me for a while. and THEN. (fyi, i hate boys. all boys. even if theyre friends!). then, crazy gay boy went over to jj. he asked for my name and jj told him. jj *also* told him that i was totally into him!!! ass. so not funny. BUT! as luck would have it! on his way over to me, he came across britain! and they started dancing. and then they started making out! ew. but yeah for her! she kept him away from me!!!!! =)

so, then we left. i jumped in a cab, because i was not in the mood to stand in the subway for 45 minutes before getting home (even though im still up now!). i LOVED my cab driver! ive never had a better one! he asked me how i wanted to get back to bkln, and i told him, adn he said NO! that takes too long and will cost me too much money! so, he told me how we SHOULD go, and it wound up costing me almost THREE dollars less than it ever has! i LOVE him!!! so. yea! for awesome cabbies!!

so, i get home, im making some frozen mac and cheese, watching some gg, and getting ready for bed. jj calls to make sure i got home okay, and all of a sudden he goes, "dude, this guy is giving me some trouble, ill have to call you back." and he hangs up the phone. so im like, what the f?! then, like 5 minutes later, he calls back. and i answer, and he is all out of breath and crazy. apparently, these three guys JUMPED JJ!! right after he got off the phone with me! and he kicked one of their asses, and the other two ran away!! what the f! he had busted up his knuckle's on one guy's tooth, and he had been kicked in the head and the knee, but hes okay. i STILL cant believe it!! freaking insane!!!

then!! while im talking to jj, i got a txt from ian. apparently, on his way home on the subway, some guy was tripping on something and took off all his clothes and went and shoved his privates in everyone's faces. one by one.

dude. new york. CRAZY!!!

Friday, November 24, 2006

thanksgiving and some random thoughts...

let's start off with a random thought. so, i was walking (running? either way, i was freezing my ass off) to school the other day, and i passed by this park that has been going through construction since i moved out here. they were putting sod in. in november. when its about to snow. does that make sense to anyone?

so, my thanksgiving. yesterday consisted of a lot of reading and briefing cases. somewhere in between, i went on up to the upper east side (moving on up! to the east side...something about a piece of the pie...) to justin's for some food. he had made some awesome sweet potato (potatoe?) soup, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce (and some freaky sausage for himself). i went all out and brought instant stuffing (yeah, im an amazing chef) and made some vegetarian gravy. i didnt particularly care for the gravy. in fact, i dont think it cared for me. i felt it the rest of the night...uugh.
anyways, i had a good time up there. then i came home and got back into reading.

i did get a fun call from the fam back in california. the wonders of speaker phones! it sounded like they were having a good time. kinda made me sad not to be there, but i will be home soon enough! and im about to be in the throes of finals, so i wont even have time to miss them!

now, im taking a break from more studying and heading off to see For Your Consideration with JJ. yeah for christopher guest!

Monday, November 20, 2006

east coast blues

so, i love new york. really i do. and i KNEW it was going to get cold. and i KNEW that i was going to have to walk home in the cold at night.

but, you know, you never can prepare yourself for the agonizing cold that has begun. and the worst part? it wasnt even that cold. (random note: blogger wont let me use apostrophes... odd. huh, i just figured out it wont let me use the arrows, either. WHAT is going on??)

anyway, as i was bitching. it wasnt even as cold as it is going to get. the sign i saw said it was 4o degrees. i think im going to die. no. seriously.

BUT! there is one great big positive!

i have been meaning to buy a pair of boots ever since we had our first day of semi-cold. this saturday, i finally got my lazy bum to DSW (it just wasnt the same without fargo there!!) to pick out a pair of boots (and sexy black heels, but that was just because theyre fun!). of course i first went to the clearance section. ugly. ugly. oh dear LORD those are hideous! ugly. ugly. too small. oooh! cute brown zip up heeled boots! oh, wait, "sensible" boots...crap. ugly. ugly. and on it went. so, i gave up and went into the regular area. i found a pair of boots (the brand is called "waterproof"! i think that is a good sign!) that were cuter than the rest and not *super* trendy. (come on, boots are going to be trendy no matter what). but, they didnt have my size! stupid people with their same size feet as me!

moving on...those arent hideous. they have my size. i guess ill hold on to them until i find something better...on and on i go becoming more and more depressed. until....!! the boots from before! again! this time in my size!! i put them on and my feet almost DIED of heat! score! and the best part is! theyre lined in faux fur, so theyre SUPER cozy!

anyways, the main point of the story is that i wore my new boots to school today. and as i was literally FREEZING my nose off on my way back from class, i could feel my little tosies sweating away down in those boots! yeah!!!!

by the way, a note for those who care (you know who you are!) i *REFUSE* to wear them with my pants tucked in. so be proud.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Here comes the bride....

so, i found the man i'm going to marry:

"The first buyer (of Nintendo Wii), Isaiah Triforce Johnson, had been waiting in line outside the store for more than a week. He wore a Nintendo Power Glove, a wearable controller that came out in 1989, while shaking hands with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime after buying the first Wii.

Johnson said he had legally changed his middle name to a reference in Nintendo's "Zelda" series of games."

i mean, seriously, is there someone more awesome than that out there? i think not. mom, dad, meet your new son-in-law!!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

good god i love paula deen,1977,FOOD_9936_32335,00.html

Friday, November 17, 2006

just wasting time, let the hours roll by doing nothing for the fun

go here for HOURS of wasting time. i'm not even joking...i think i just spent close to ten minutes doing this.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


so, i put my foot down and said "NO!!!!!" to gilmore girls last night. flat out refused. i've gotten to the point where i want the new writer to be publicly beaten for so horribly ruining such a great show! i mean, yes, the old writers had kinda written the show into a bad place, but this new writer had the opportunity to bring it back to what it used to be! and what does he do? he turns it into crap geared towards 13 year old girls. idiot.

NEW AWESOME SHOW: Heroes!!!!!!
if you havent seen it, you should watch. the show, though, is built upon the previous shows, so if you plan to start watching, check out the show's website so you can read up on it.
basically, (i am so not going to do it justice here, so dont just take my word for it!!) there are these individual people throughout the world who are slowly developing these weird powers (cheerleader who cant die, the two brothers who can fly--one of them is from gilmore girls! jess!!--the cop who can hear people's thoughts, the japanese guy who can bend time, and i think there are a couple others). so, some of them seem to be good, or "heroes," and some are bad. but the basic premise is that those who are the good ones have to figure out how to save the world. oh! i forgot. this guy isaac is a painter, and he can paint the future, and so thats partly how they know they need to "save the cheerleader," or whatever. its really good. check it out! monday nights at 9. then that weeks show is re-played at 7 on friday on the sci-fi channel.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

why do i have to find these things out?!

yeah, so i can never go swimming in kihei again (that is, if i ever get back to hawaii....)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

che bella mi amiga grazie and some other italian words i vaguely remember....

i just saw an add for a roundtrip ticket to rome from new york for $440. hmmm....

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Good Day So Far....

so, i woke up today to the knocking/buzzing of my door"bell" at nine am. which shouldve been fine since i planned to get up at that hour. however, at nine am, i was not ready to get up, so i ignored it. (it turned out to be an exterminator, i found out later. oops). ah well.
so, instead of getting up and going to the gym like i planned, i lazed around in bed for a while, tehn i did some dishes and made my bed. and then justin and joyce (mom #2) came to visit! they got to see my apartment, and they both said how nice it was, which is always good to hear! =) then we walked down the promenade and went to lunch at this restaurant i like (thanks, doug!!). i chose this restaurant for a couple reasons. first of all, ive been there a few times, and ive only been unimpressed once. two, they have AMAZING soup, which was good, because that's all justin can eat after his surgery. so, we had a nice lunch there, and then we walked down to my school. i brought them inside so we could all use the bathroom, adn i figured, since i was there, i should run (i mean, take the elevator) on up to the seventh floor and pick up my memo that is 35% of my grade. i was nervous about it, and i refused to open it in front of joyce and justin. i felt okay about the paper, but my grade is not only based on MY work. there are sixteen of us in the class, and we are all COMPETING for the grade. so, essentially, my grade is based on how everyone else did, and that makes me nervous. walking down the street, i leave justin and joyce at the subway and i rip into the envelope containing my paper and....I GOT A B+!!!! yeah!!!!!!! this is good news. i didnt expect an A, in fact, it was not guaranteed thtat anyone would GET an A, so i feel like my grade is one of the higher ones in the class. so, im stoked.
now...tonight. i go to school and get to pick next assignment for my next memo. which is FIFTY PERCENT of my grade. lord help me....but at least now i can go into it knowing that i have SOME clue as to what im doing! yeah!!!

the saget

for those of you who dont know, i love bob saget. no. seriously. LOVE HIM.
you might be thinking, bob saget? that tool from full house and america's funniest home videos? yes. him.
HOWEVER, he is the funniest raunchiest comic ive ever witnessed. the first time i saw him, i laughed so hard that my abs were sore the next two days. i kid you not. so, i wanted to post a link to his myspace page where you can watch video clips of him doing stand up, etc. enjoy!!

disclaimer: he's dirty. very dirty. this is not for the sensitive or easily offended.

im back!!

yeah! my computer is working again! except for the $40 fee, yeah for dell technicians!!! (i really should look into the possibility of re-newing my warranty...stupid contracts!)
so, basically, what happened was windows decided that it wanted to either a) be corrupt, or b) not be part of my computer anymore. well fine. i took it to the IT guys at school, who said they didnt know IF they could fix it. greeatt...i called the next day to check on it, and they said that they needed the windows re-installation disk that came with the computer. uuuh....huh? yeah, i definitely dont have that. either its back in california, or thrown away, i dont have it. so, i did what anyone would do--i started madly calling every single person i go to law school with to see if they have the disk (you know, it didnt occur to me until later that mr. justin haines most likely has the disk...ah well.). my wonderful perfect GLORIOUS hero friend matt had the re-installation disk! score!!!!!!! so, he didnt get home from work until late, so i went back down to school (i really should clarify here that school is a good 12 minute walk away. and its getting DAMN cold out here to be doing this multiple times a day!!) and got my computer back adn told them that i would just fix it myself. so, i spent almost FIVE HOURS on the phone with Dell saturdya morning (i got a lot of reading done though, because it was mainly just me and the technician sitting silently on the phone eating away at my precious verizon minutes!). but, in the end, it all came together. windows works, NONE of my information was erased (thank god!) and i get to go on the internet again!! seriously, this is how sad my life became: i couldnt remember what i used to do when i didnt have a computer....depressing.

so, after the elation of getting my computer working again (i am still wanting to sit here and hug my computer) i was ready to go out on the town! the guys i was meeting (jj. ian, and chris lacocoa--i dont know if that is how you actually spell his name, but thats how it sounds. and its fun to say. go ahead. say it. lacocoa.) werent going to be available until after midnight. and i was trying to think of SOMETHING to do until then. but wait! i remembered! my new-ish friend casey lives down stairs, and hes home until later! so, i invited him up and we talked and had a few drinks and had super troopers on in the back ground. then we headed out. now, i dont know if ive mentioned it before, but the subway system SUCKS on the weekends. especially late at night. and, like always, casey and i got to the station JUST as the damn F train was leaving the station. so, to pass the time, we decided to perfect the high/low five.
for those of you who dont know (because you're just not this cool) the high/low five goes something like this: you're walking. you see someone you know (it really is best to be passing on the right if you are right-handed). you raise your hand, and as you pass, you high-five. but then you immediately swing your arm down to do a low-five behind you. its awesome. we ROCKED it. although, casey is a wee bit taller than me ( like a lot) and his hands are slightly bigger, and so a lot of the time, our low-fives turned into him slapping my wrist and missing my hand. i swear to god that my wrist was swollen when we were done.

so, we get off at our stop and i have like three missed calls from the guys i was supposed to be meeting...apparently i was late. oops. so, i said bye to casey who had his own fun that night and i hopped in a cab...with a cabbie who i am pretty sure was a phone sex operator. now, he wasnt speaking english, so i cant attest to what he was actually saying, but there was something in the rhthym (i so spelled that wrong) of his voice and the tone...ick. i dont know.

after i threw myself out of the cab and far far away from the cabbie, i met up with the guys at lit. dancing dancing dancing! i literally think i gave myself whiplash that night. my neck has been in serious pain ever since. but, i have to say, i did a DAMN FINE rendition of jesse's girl. i even got up on a bench to perform it. acted it out and everything. that is how good that song is. "i wish that i had jesse's girl!!!" yeah, you cant see/hear me, but im singing it out loud right now.

now, i must head off to bed. i spent the evening (after class) doing most of my reading for tomorrow second mom is coming to see me!! well, she's actually here for justin who had surgery (ew ew ow ew), but they are being nice and trekking on down to the heights to see my wonderful and beautiful apartment and then go to lunch. (by the way, within the next couple of weeks, i plan on posting some pictures of what my apartment looks like furnished! the last pictures i posted when i first moved in really didnt do it justice...)

werd to yo mutha.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

loving technology...

so. my computer has a virus or some crap. im not actually really sure what is going on with it. i took it to the IT department at school, where they are keeping it to see *if* they can fix it. so i dont have a computer. nor a way of checking email regularly, unless someone at school takes pity on me and lets me borrow their computer (as is happening now). so, sorry if i dont get back to you. if you need me, call me.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Yeah! Games!

okay, so, here's the deal.
The link below will take you to two identical pictures. The one on the left is the original, and the one on the right is different. See if you can find all TEN differences. (i could only find 3!!!)