Cali Girl in NYC

I've lived in California for 24 years, and decided to move clear across the country for law school. this will be where all can come to laugh at me as i die in the humidity and freeze in the snow as my california body adjusts to life in new york city...through this blog, i hope to have everyone else suffer just a little with me as i make my way through law school

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

it's AMAZING how much it matters...

so, i need to get a transcript from ucsc for this interview thing i have on friday. i called the registrar's office, and didnt even realize that i was at all tense until the woman there picked up, and started talking to me nicely and joking with me, and i literally felt my body relax. then, she transferred me to another person at the school who was JUST as friendly and helpful as the first woman.

and i realized something.

being nice goes a loooong way. and i really have been lacking that here in new york. i mean, im sure youve all heard me rant about how rude the majority of people are out here. i mean, there really is no such thing as "customer service" at ALL. and its depressing. and lately, even when a cashiere says "hello" to me i feel better about my transaction.

but it wasnt until just now that i experienced ACTUAL customer service that i remembered how it once was. that makes me sad about new york....and miss santa

Sunday, October 28, 2007


okay, i know i promised to take some pics of my apartment, and i am going to try tomorrow. but here are is a fun pic from a halloween party i went to on friday! yeah, im wayyyy super cool!

so, that's nicole on the far left--she was daria. then liz in the middle as ginger from gilligan's island. and then me as SUPER SUS!
i was wearing little boy pajamas from target, men's underwear from american apparel, and then silver heels, and a crown. and then i was running around with a dart gun. i had fun with teh gun until it began firing on its own accord and i almost blinded a few people. then i put the gun away in its...."holster." (hey, i told you i was in men's underwear. you figure it out.) once i get pics from nicole i will post a few where i am "flying."


i just saw my first christmas ad. its october 28. not even halloween.....jeeezz

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

masquerade!!!! (also known as, susannah's wednesday evening rant)

so. have i discussed wednesday nights yet? my friends liz and nicole (see below) get together every monday and wednesday evening for dinner and tv. monday is heroes night, and wednesday is america's next top model (go tyra, go tyra). wednesday nights also mean Gossip Girl. now, i TRIED to watch this show. i really did. tonight was a masked ball episode. and, im sorry, but REALLY. how hard is it to recognize someone in a mask? okay, yes, if it were a mask that fully covered someone's face, then i totally buy it. however, when it is a mask that simply goes across the top part of your face, you are GOING to recognize your best friends. or the guy you have a crush on. or...i dont know. everyone and anyone. soooo annoying....

by the by, did any of you happen to catch ANTM tonight?? tyra was pissssssed!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

holy crap in my pants...

could you see me reacting well to THIS??

however, you should check out other "missions" on that site. its effing awesome. i totally remember hearing about the no-pants day on the subway last winter. a few of my other favorites are look up more, ben folds stuff, better than the real thing, amazing hypnotist....actually, i love them all. check it out!!

and, on another note. i know i didnt post much during the summer, and i feel like people stopped checking back to see if i had updated recently. so, if you are one of my few friends who still read this, will you leave a quick message in the comments section? awesome. thanks. you're aces.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

i love how deep tyra is....

Friday, October 12, 2007

now for something visually APPEALING

this music video from Finger Eleven is amazing. i absolutely love it! the song itself is interesting, a little generic, but the video is soooo cool. (sorry for the poorish quality of the video)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

i TRIED to find a link!!

did anyone happen to see last night's Daily Show? oooooh my god it was amazing. jon interviewed...LYNNE CHENEY. holy crap it was awesome. especially because jon spent the segment before she came out mocking dick (cheney, that is). it was awesome, because he totally called her out on a few things, while at the same time trying to show her respect.
i highly recommend you watching it if you have a moment! for those here on the east coast, i think its on again at 8. and for those of you back home, you can still catch it at 2, adn then at 8! go watch it! amazingness!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

if *only* i had money!!

this is AWESOME!!!

aauuugh!! my eyes!!!

okay, let's start with the scariest first. mandy lynn. oh sweet lord her plastic surgeon needs to be shot. i have no words. scary. gross. and *so* real looking!! and, uhm, ben stein must be on CRACK!!!! "you're very pretty"???? is he kidding?! (just so you're wondering, no, he's not. he actually fights to keep her on the show....)
be sure to scroll down to the see the video. i mean, the pic is nasty, but the

alright, number 2! gossip girl.
you know, growing up, watching shows that i knew were stupid but still entertained me, i would get SO PISSED at my father who would come in the room to watch with me, and about 30 seconds in to the show, he would turn to me, roll his eyes, sigh LOUDLY, then get up and walk out of the room (dad, you KNOW you do this). recently, i turned in to my father.
gossip girl is BEYOND painful. yeah, the girls are pretty, but is that *really* what is considered an attractive guy in this day and age? and come ON! are these really the BEST actors they could find?! and what is UP with serena's younger brother's hair?
ive been sucked into watching the past few weeks with my friends because i watch the show before it with them (and, no, im not going to mention which show because my father will roll his eyes and sigh). so, there i am, watching the show, thinking, maybe i will get sucked in to it and be way entertained! but, sadly, no. its worse than dawson's. even the "plot" line with the "adults" is painful to watch! its basically highschool issues played out by 30 year olds. 30 year olds with kids in high school. right.
okay, rant over.

and, finally, now for the most painful.
yesterday, i dont know what i did, but i think i strained my eyes. ive worn my glasses almost all day before, and ive been okay. i mean, yeah, after a day of wearing my glasses, my vision will be a little blurry for a while after i take them off, but thats manageable. but yesterday, around 3pm, when id only been wearning my glasses for about 4.5 hours, i got this MASSIVE headache. unfortunately, i was in class, so i couldnt just shut my eyes and deal with the pain. but i started kinda rubbing around my eyes and massaging my head (yes, in the middle of class), and i finally found a few good pressure points that took the pain away. but when i got home last night around 9, when i hadnt been wearing my glasses for about five hours, i had this INTENSE pain whenever i shut my eyes. almost like my eyelids rubbing on my eyeballs was irritating them. so, i was having problems falling asleep, and i decided to take some tylenol pm. i thought it would be okay because i took it around 945, and i didnt have class until 9 the next morning, and i figured about 11 hours would be enough time for the medicine to run through my system. WRONG!!
so, first of all, i had this amazingly wonderful dream where the west side of new york was suddenly ocean side on a tropical island, and the water was a beautiful turquoise, and it was warm, and salty and wonderful, and i was trying to get an oceanside apartment that also had a private beach on the roof. and then my alarm went off, and i was trying to figure out why no one else on the beach was getting up to turn it off. yeah, great way to wake up. so, i haul my tired ass out of bed and take the world's longest shower because i basically sleep through it and have to keep reminding myself, "there is soap in your hair. it's time to rinse." i get to school, my 9am class -- a class i actually really enjoy, and really like the prof, and really like participating in -- and i canNOT focus. i have that horrible medicine head feeling, only worse. my body feels like its floating in jello, and im moving slow motion, and i can barely keep my eyes open. i think i took about a page of notes. i had 45 minutes between that class and my next, and i decided that i would go take a nap in the library. now, most people may not be able to relax, but in all honesty, i have taken some of my best naps in that library. the couches on the top floor are way comfy, and there is just enough muffled noise that its not silent, but nothing really loud enough to distract you. so, i set the alarm on my phone, laid down, and PASSED out within a couple minutes. i was soon rudely awoken by my phone (on vibrate so as not to disturb the rest of the people in the library, but is an even worse way to be woken up than being yanked from a tropical island), and somehow stumbled to my class. i made it through teh first half, and then gave up (its okay, i didnt need to be there.) and came home and slept for two hours. oh, i forgot. in between first getting to school and leaving to come home, i chugged teh world's hugest cup of coffee and took two excedrine which have caffeine in them. so, i come home, sleep for a couple hours, then have to wake up to prepare for my class at 4. by that time, i was still gross mediciney, but the caffeine had kicked in, so i was all zoned out, and my body was moving really slowly (jello, still), but my heart was pounding, and my hands were shaking. GREAT fun. and i hadnt eaten. so, i got some food and went back to school and pulled myself together.
now, i dont know if im going to be able to sleep, but i have to get up earlyish again tomorrow so i dont want to take tylenol pm, AND my eyes really hurt! on top of it all, now i have to try and figure out my insurance and see if i have vision insurance because i have a feeling that i need a stronger perscription. blaaaah.

but at least i dont look like a nasty-ass skanked out duck with two-toned hair....ah, the bright side!

Friday, October 05, 2007

pictures soon....

so, a new coen brother's movie, burn after reading, is being filmed all throughout brooklyn heights -- including on my block. in fact, they have been here now for weeks -- painting buildings to make it look like DC (not my building, of course). they actually started filming on wednesday, which was cool. i saw george clooney and the coen brothers. yesterday i saw john malkovich. im hoping to see some brad pitt tonight.
so, here i am. its about FIVE MILLION degrees in my apartment, i just got home, and i was in the bathroom about to change into very little clothing to walk around my apartment in and try not to die of heat. as im undressing, i hear men's voices. i hear men's voices very close to me. this is unnerving for many reasons. first of all, i dont live with any men. second of all, i live on the fourth floor of my building. so, i redress, and walk over to my window, and there are two men standing on my fire escape. hmmm.
yes, theyre set guys, and they are attaching a friggin LIGHT to my fire escape for them to film tonight (theyre filming 4pm-2am and doing fake rain. i was excited until i found out about the light on my fire escape). so, i say hello to the men, and one of them starts flirting with me. is he serious? you're some strange man on some chick's fire escape, and youve obviously startled her. he asks for coffee, heh heh. how about some breakfast? heh heh. and what's your name? heh heh. and what do you do? heh heh. ick. so, finally i was just like, "ooooookay, well, have fun....." and closed the curtain. i think theyre gone now.

why couldnt it have been brad pitt at my window?