Cali Girl in NYC

I've lived in California for 24 years, and decided to move clear across the country for law school. this will be where all can come to laugh at me as i die in the humidity and freeze in the snow as my california body adjusts to life in new york city...through this blog, i hope to have everyone else suffer just a little with me as i make my way through law school

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

tv pisses me off...

i mean, first: gilmore girls. bleeechhh

and, now--JASLENE? SERIOUSLY? at least it wasn't "na-na" my god....

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Official Sash Maker...enough to make you gag, and then some

im sorry. its like kicking someone in the nuts. and then pointing. and laughing. and then you give that person a papercut. and then you pour lemon juice all over it.
thats what this season of gilmore girls was.
the season sorry. i want to throw up with the blatant, in-your-face sappiness of it all. the multiple pans of the entire cast. the obviousness of letting us know that friday night dinners will continue.
im sorry. i understand this past season SUCKED (i dont actually know for sure, because i, one of THE MOST LOYAL FANS of the show, havent watched since november), but come on. couldnt they make the SERIES FINALE GOOD??!
im disgusted. and upset. and so bothered that this is how it all ended.
i will not be buying this season. i own every other season, but this was SUCH SHIT that i wouldnt want to contribute any more of my money to the people who ruined one of the best shows on television.

lorelai, rory, and the rest of starts hallow: i will remember you as you once were: funny, clever, and enjoyable....too bad you couldnt stay that way til the end...

Monday, May 14, 2007

im doooooooooooooooonnneeeeeeeeeee

im done with my first year of law school!!!

too bad summer school starts in a week....

and my mom and dad will be here in three days!!!!!

im off to do dishes and have a beer.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


finals are over.

i'm into hour twelve of the law school journal writing competition...39 hours left to go...

keep breathing keep breathing keep breathing

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

two to go...let's hope i dont completely lose any digits before then

about a week and a half ago. i was in the shower, and i was planning to use these little travel shampoo/conditioner that my mom sent me, because they smell sooo good. so, im trying to flip open the cap of the shampoo bottle, and its HARD. so, i kinda dig my thumbnail under it, and pop it open. then, somewhere between opening the shampoo bottle, shampooing my hair, then moving on to conditioner, i forgot about the difficulty of opening the shampoo bottle (i's so smurt). and, instead of flipping the cap open with my thum NAIL, i instead tried to just flip it open with the pad of my thumb...oops, wait, that didnt work. and now my thumb is gushing blood. (i kid you not, GUSHING. i actually had to stop the shower to find a band-aid. it freaking HURT!)

so, i was feeling a little clumsy after that moment. but, then my thumb healed up...kinda. i mean, it doesnt hurt normally, but i was eating something the other day and some juice got in teh cut and hurt like a muther!

anyways, today. i dont know how, but i did it AGAIN. only this time, well..its a bit more freakish.

i sliced open my index finger, same hand as the sliced thumb. guess how i did it. no, you probably wont.
so, apparently, when i last made pasta, and i poured some sauce out of the jar, some of the sauce remained between the lip of the jar and the lid. and then it dried. and then i didnt use the sauce for like a week. so, today, i go to open the jar, and its stuck on there pretty good. so, ive got a killer grip, and JUST as the jar starts giving, and the lid is turning, SLICE! some of the dried sauce cut my thumb. im not even joking. oh to hear the annoyed profanities that came out of my mouth. its not even that it hurt, i was just annoyed.

so, that's my genious for ya. i hope some day, when im trying to get a job at a law firm, the potential employers read this and think, "Gee, she must be really smart. let's hire her..."

Monday, May 07, 2007


okay, ive been itching ever since i read this. ew. soooo creepy

Friday, May 04, 2007


while it's true that in most cases, you think of law, then you think of lawyers, then you think of money. (by the by, if any of you are clinging desperately to my friendship because you think im going to be rich in a few years, you are sadly mistaken. im so not going to be. and even if i were...why would i share with YOU?) =)
anyways, today, paris hilton was sentenced to 45 days in jail. well, yes, im sure its some sort of high-class jail for white-collar criminals. and it's not going to be all THAT much of a hell for her, but seriously: who saw this coming?!
i was reading on yesterday (why cnn feels the need to report on celebrities i'll never know) that prosecutors were asking, among other things, for the 45 day jail sentence. my first thought? oh she will buy her way out of this one. apparently, both paris and her mother (lovely woman i imagine) thought so, too.
paris' mom, when the prosecutors stated their request today in court, LAUGHED OUT LOUD. you know she was thinking, "right. like they'd give a hilton jail time. we're FAR too important. and rich. and beautiful. and rich. and famous. and rich." but, the sad ol hag was wrong. craziness.
and paris mom when the verdict was read? oh, she blurted out, "can i have your autograph" to the judge. i interpret that as meaning, "i cant believe you just went against the hiltons. this is the end of your career, buck-o."

oh, and paris arrived 10 minutes late. way to show respect to a judge who is holding a 45-day jail sentence in teh palm of his hands.
i like this judge. i mean, i dont know anything else he's done, but whenever judges show some spine and stand up to these celebrities (im sorry, HOW many of these stars are arrested for DUIs and then they just get away with it? or anything else. people cater to them because...god knows why. my god it makes me sick), i love it.
so, hurrah for the legal system.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

ahhh....the good ol days

you know, a hundred years ago, you didnt have to go to law school to become a lawyer. you could apprentice with a lawyer, and then just like THAT you became a lawyer. none of this $5million/year thing. none of this, sit in a classroom for 2 hours while your professor lectures. none of this, study your ass off to take an unrealstic closed-book three hour exam to try and parse out the issues and rules, which will be so convoluded that people who arent good at taking tests and do better at taking their time and writing a paper are going to FAIL FAIL FAIL. people actually got hands-on EXPERIENCE. they didnt sit all day learning abstract theories and overruled holdings of cases from 1846BC. there was a practicalness that was employed. and then they were lawyers...

of course, women weren't exactly allowed to do that...but whatever, that's not the point.

i think we should bring the apprentice-ship back, and allow women.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

"why i hate girls"....or, "yes, sweetheart, im laughing at you"

so, i just went pick up dinner. pizza, actually--damn good pizza. but i didnt go anywhere fancy, just a place around the corner where you can buy pizza by the slice and stand at the counter and eat it. while im waiting for my amazing mini deep dish pepper and olive pizza (yuummmm) i turn around and what do i see?

oh dear lord! noo!! my eyes! oh god my eyes! yes, neon-orange boobs. in my face. well, EVERYONE'S faces. really, dear, there's a time and place for that much boobage. dinner time at a family restaurant? yeah, THATS NOT ONE OF THOSE TIMES.

but the greatest thing? she was crazy decked-out. i mean, if she had gotten a dress that fit, it would actually be REALLY cute. kinda casual, but more fancy. made even more fancy by crazy high heels. and ten pounds of make-up. but wait for it! it gets better! she was out with her boyfriend. now, if you're picturing her all super dressed up for a date at a pizza place, you might be imagining some guy in slacks and a button-down, right? hahahahaha, no. the guy was wearing an inside-out t-shirt that had probably been on his floor for 12 days, along with his pants. he hadnt showered, and, if he had, he forgot to a) wash his hair, b) use soap, and c) shave. it was awesome.

probably not the best sign...

have you ever been staring at your computer, intently analyzing and writing, and then look up and think, "wow. it's really dark in here." and then your next thought is, it must be really cloudy outside for it to be this dark.
oh. no. no. wait. it's not clouds. the light just isn't on.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

oh, the things i will do to procrastinate, or, "other things that make me happy"

i love thunderstorms.

i remember as a kid sitting on our front porch (bronson house, for those of you in-the-know) with my older brother watching a thunder and lightening storm. it was awesome. we dont have nearly enough thunderstorms out in california. and if we do, its usually like, oooh. one bolt of lightening. ooooh. quiet rumblings of what might be thunder, but it most likely an airplane flying overhead. but out here on the east coast? the storms are amazing. so powerful. in fact, i was woken up at 4 am the other morning by thunder so loud it shook the panes of glass in my windows. and the lightening was so bright it was lighting up my room.

the sounds of rain and thunder really are incredibly relaxing. and believe it or not, quite conducive to writing a paper on tort liability.

now i've had the time of my life...and i owe it all to.....well, johnny and baby

so, this year marks the 20th anniversary of DIRTY DANCING. i dont remember the first time i saw the movie or who with (although i have a feeling that its safe to say that summer was there). i DO remember, though, in like 5th or 6th grade my best friend holly LOVED the movie and my mom wouldnt let me see it...

anyways, it became one of my favorites. one of my girl movies, where whenever i need to feel like a high school girl, all giggly and everything, i watch the movie and image that one day, my "johnny" will find me, and he'll stick up for his best friend who happens to be a girl and knocked up by some slimy pre-med wiater asshole but he'll tell my dad that HE knocked up his bestfriend so then my dad will forbid me to see him, but i wont listen and i will sneak off to see him and we will dance in teh rain and he'll call me baby and then someone will say that hes a thief but i know the truth because we were doing naughty things at the time they said he stole the stuff so then i will stand up for him but he will get fired from his job as a dance instructor and then have to go away and then i will be sad and my sister who hates me will be nice because she pitties me and then there will be this big huge performance adn then johnny will show up and tell my parents that NOBODY PUTS BABY IN A CORNER and then we'll dance and kiss adn i WILL do the lift and everyone will cheer and then my dad will tell johnny that he knows johnny wasnt the one to get penny in trouble and hten my dad will love me again and he will love johnny too and then all will be right in the world....yeah, im just waiting for that day...

anyways, so. since its the 20th anniversary, select theaters are showing the movie tonight and tomorrow, so i, naturally, bought tickets as soon as i heard, and i got my friend sara to come along with me. oh. my. god. i dont know when i had so much fun. essentially, the theater was like a giant slumber party filled with girls and some guys (either gay or dragged there by their bitchy girlfriends--seriously, who DOES that to a guy??), and we were all giggling and cheering and singing along with the songs in teh dark. it was soooo much fun. and seeing a movie on a huge screen that youve seen 20million times before on a teeny tiny screen is such a shock. i saw SO MANY little details that i had never noticed before.
im on a dirty dancing high right now. serioulsy, SO MUCH FUN!!

to top the night off, as i was walking home it began to sprinkle. i dont know if you all know this, but i LOVE LOVE LOVE walking in the rain (under the right circumstances, of course. on my way to school? yeah, not so much). and then the lightening started. unbelievably beautiful.
and today, i took a short walk around my neighborhood to check out spring time. i cannot even express to you how beautiful old brooklyn is with the trees either a brilliant bright green or blossoming and tulips EVERYWHERE (what are they? the official flower of brooklyn? i mean, theyre pretty and all but they are everywhere) and it smells so good and it was sunny and warm...i am still enchanted by this city.

my god i love new york.
and baby.
and johnny...

oh sylvia...
yes mickey?
how you call your lover boy?
cmere lover boy!
and if he doesnt answer?
oh lover boy...
and if he STILL doesnt answer?
i simply say...babyyy....ooohohoh sweet bayyybbyyy, you're the one...