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I've lived in California for 24 years, and decided to move clear across the country for law school. this will be where all can come to laugh at me as i die in the humidity and freeze in the snow as my california body adjusts to life in new york city...through this blog, i hope to have everyone else suffer just a little with me as i make my way through law school

Monday, December 31, 2007

im educaded

apprently, cougars are in for new years eve. this is disturbing for many reasons.
first of all, ew. and just....ew. to be accepting yourself as a cougar? uh....well...whatever.
my favorite thing about that website, though, is if you scroll down through the profiles, the fourth one from the top has got to be my favorite: "Woman are to be treated with respect" is his name. let's discuss, shall we?
1) WomAn is singluar, WomEn is plural.
2) he thinks women should be treated with respect, but he has a profile on nuff said on that.
3) he says he is educated. well, no, actually, he says he is "educaded." really? havent you ever heard of spellcheck? especially if you're trying to pass yourself off as educated? i mean, i know i have my share of spelling errors in this blog, but im also not trying to date anyone via this. and, as far as i know, theyre never so bad as "educaded."
4) he has high respect on womans. yes, he wrote that. he pluralized "woman" as "womanS." and he has high respect on them! i dont want his "high respect" on me....
5) he spelled believe wrong
6) "man are" .... *sigh*
7) here are the last words: "man are noting without then"
so, apparently, mans (just going with his idea of pluralization) are making notes at a time when there are no womans.
but watch out. he's educaded.
ohohoh! first he says he's 32, then he says he's 31...

and, as one last SHOCKING note about the website -- the cougars love walks on the beach!

happy new year all!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

merry christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

i'm going (going) back (back) to cali (cali)...

DONE!! five effing exams! that last even want to talk about it.

and then, on my way home, i passed a crowd of people outside of mcdonalds. really nothing out of the ordinary. but when i get closer, i saw that there was someone laying on the ground. and then i notice that his hand his awkwardly twitching and there are a couple cops leaning over him. and then i notice the blood....ive never really seen that much blood before. im usually okay with blood and gore (on tv and whatnot), but my god, my stomache got QUEAZY (sp?). ugh...horrible.

just wanted to share!

Monday, December 17, 2007!??!

aaugh! wesley, come save me! where is my man in black? with eyes like the sea after a storm...

Thursday, December 13, 2007


yeah, someone needs to come pry the caffeine out of my hand...i keep getting jittery, but then forgetting and drinking more of my soda, and now im having issues typing legibly.....

yay for stress-induced, self-inflicted caffeine-overdoses!

and i definitely won't be sleeping tonight. i wish i had a movie that i hadnt seen twelve bazillion times before....

(by the way, ive now gone through the six seasons i have of gilmore girls 2.5 times in the past month. that's not normal.)

a post from a lush....

Go here to find out what your perfect holiday drink is!

mine was a tom collins...i had no idea that a tom collins had so much happiness in it! gin! a cherry! yum...

Saturday, December 08, 2007

remember popples?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Baby is probably soooo glad she's not around anymore...

so, Baby. my cat. as a child i used to dress her up in doll clothes. (mamma, we should really try and find some of those pics when im home this year!) yes, she hated me and blah blah blah....

well, check THIS out! i so wouldnt subjected her to this horribleness. how awesome!

the blue one reminds me of cher

blair, i KNOW you want to get one!!

Monday, December 03, 2007

she asked, i shall abide!

so, for those of you who havent heard:
my *other* family just had a new baby! and by other, i mean graham haines and his wife brie had their second child. (by the way, i think that was the weirdest sentence ive written in a while....graham's WIFE and their SECOND CHILD. i mean, i know theyve been married for a while, and elli is, what, two? but still! i dont think ive ever said all that together....) anyways!
so, little ryder is two months premature, but, from what i understand, he is doing faboo! as is brie. so, go take a look at the pics of the tiiiiny little man, and of some darn cute video of little miss thang herself, elli.


Sunday, December 02, 2007

snow! ....and spandex?

for the past couple days, yahoo weather has been predicting snow for today. i didnt really believe it, though. first of all, it hasnt been THAT cold lately. in fact, it was like 50 degrees a couple days ago. not really snow-weather. secondly, last year, my first year here, i watched the weather like a hawk, waiting for that first snow, certain i would freeze and die and it would be wet and gross and horrible. every day when it said i it was supposed to snow, id wake up, and grudgingly look out my window to see if it had snowed. and it never did. in fact, i dont think it snowed here last year until january or something (well, i think it snowed around christmas, but i was in california, so i didnt see it). but, then it snowed, and i survived, and i actually began to kinda like it....sometimes.
THIS year, ive been excited for it to snow! ive decided i do kinda like it a little more than i used to. i mean, dont get me wrong, i love beaches and sand, and 75 degree weather all year long as much as the next girl, but i do enjoy snow. its really pretty.

so, this morning i woke up at 745 on the dot (yay for having my body set as an alarm), and it took me like 5 seconds before i thought, "it was supposed to snow this morning!" so i throw back my curtain, and everything is blanketed in this nice, beautiful layer of snow. and then it was also gently snowing....soooo pretty. i actually laid there in bed for about 5 minutes just staring at the snow. and THEN! to make things even better, i decided not to rush this morning, and decided to watch an episode of gilmore girls, season 1. i started the dvd from where i had left off last night, and you'll never guess which episode came on. the first snow of the season. in this episode, lorelai goes on and on about how magical snow is and how beautiful, etc. and i just laid there with a big goofy grin on my face thinking it IS beautiful! (yeah, i wont go so far as to say "magical," though. i mean, come on...frozen water falling from the sky? yeah, the only magical thing that is going to happen today is that i wont slip and's hopping!).

so, i get up and get ready to head here to the library (yes, my life is THRILLING), and then i get outside, and it has stopped snowing, which im a little sad about. i mean, everything is still beautiful, and quieter, but i LIKE when it snows! big fluffy flakes... but then, about halfway to school, it starts snowing! and i start grinning like a fool, and start walking slower (partly to enjoy the snow, and partly so i wont fall), and smiling at people on the streets. at 930 am. people must have though i was on something.

so, then i get to school, and the beauty stops. girls everywhere in spandex pants. now, let's ponder this for a moment:
it's finals time. i GET that people are stressed. i do. i get that we all want to be comfortable. but comfort to me includes jeans that are too big for me, a beater, a long-sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt (layer layer layer!). its also SNOWING outside, so i feel that thick pants are a must. but, apparently, spandex pants that suction to one's ass and lets every ounce of cold get through (really, how warm can cotton stretch pants be?) are all the rage.
and every single girl wears the same thing! black spandex pants, fugly ass "furry" boots, and then layers on the top. but when i say layers, they are very purposeful layers. for example, when i wear layers, it is to keep warm, or cool off--depending on the moment. you can rarely see all my layers, however, because...well, thats how it works out. these girls, however, wear the white beater (yes, i KNOW im wearing one, too, but trust me, its different), and then on top of that they wear some other colorful shirt, and then another, different colored, shirt above that. but you can see the couple inches of beater, couple inches of shirt one, and couple inches of shirt two. and then they wear either a gray or black hoodie that only comes mid-torso on top of evrything else. and when i say theyre all wearing it, im really not exaggerating. at any time of the day, you can walk into a given room at the library, and of all the girls there, i would say about 75% at LEAST are wearing this get-up.
sure, i mean, its flattering on SOME girls, but the great majority of girls should NOT be wearing this. and thats purely for body-type! its effing cold outside (and in some areas of the library) what are they THINKING! and please dont tell me, "oh, im stressed and studying, i just feel gross and dont care HOW i look" because, sweetheart, quite a bit of planning went into your outfit there.

the last humorous thing about this, is that ive been feeling this way about girls ever since high school. i look at the great majority, and at their "fashion" choices and i think, "really?" i wonder if i'll ever grow out of it....wait, no, scratch that. i wonder if the great hordes of girls will grow out of it at some point, and start acting and dressing like individuals.
hmmmm, now theres a thought...

Saturday, December 01, 2007

im sorry.....REALLY??

"just like a tattoo, i'll always have you."

lyrics from a new pop song. no joke.