Cali Girl in NYC

I've lived in California for 24 years, and decided to move clear across the country for law school. this will be where all can come to laugh at me as i die in the humidity and freeze in the snow as my california body adjusts to life in new york city...through this blog, i hope to have everyone else suffer just a little with me as i make my way through law school

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

daaaaaaaaaddyyyyyyy!!! kill it!!!!

remember the good ol days? the days of lying in terror in your bed with the worlds HUGEST BLACKEST BUG crawling in the corner of your room? and all you had to do was start yelling "dddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddyyyyyyyy!!!!" and dad would come running and kill it?
well, okay, fine, ill admit, that wasnt exactly how things went in my house. it was more me yelling, and my father telling me that he'd get there eventually and to stop yelling and to get over it.
whatever. regardless, he'd kill it. hell, he was still killing bugs for me when i was living at home at age 24.
living on my own has presented some problems. wait. scratch that. living alone in a new apartment that has not been effectively cleaned like my student housing was has presented some problems.
my mains problems have been mosquitos. no, i dont have air conditioning. or screens. essentially, i am a free buffet to mosquitos. tonight....oh jesus tonight. tonight is the night that a friggin CRICKET decided to come into my apartment.
now, maybe i havent been clear. i live in effing BROOKLYN. there isnt "nature" anywhere around here. and, i live on teh FOURTH FLOOR. what in the h-e-double hockey sticks was a cricket doing flying this high? well, i suppose they live in the tree outside my apartment.....whatever.
so, he flies in, and i spent a good ten minutes with a cup in one out-stretched arm, my face turned away trying to humanely capture the thing and throw it out the window. after MANY girly yells, i caught him.....sadly, as i tried to move him, i ripped off a couple legs and a wing.....i TRIED TO KEEP HIM ALIVE!!!
however, now i think nature is punishing me. i have been dive-bombed by the world's hugest fly for teh past ten minutes since i killed the cricket.

daaaaaddyyyyyy!!!!!!! come kill the bugs....

i know i know, i lag

so, one day, i promise to blog again. school has been starting, i have been dealing with my apartment (i got electrocuted--no joke--on saturday, and locked out yesterday), and angie is coming tomorrow! aaack! stress!!

however, check out this video. not only is it hilarious on its own, but watching mario lopez (slaaaater!!!) try not to laughis PRICELESS!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

waste of time!

this is so much fun, and an insanely huge waste of time! ive spent almost an hour doing it and re-doing it. my first score was 40% bionic, and my most recent was 70%! yay me!

how bionic are YOU?

i KNEW it!!!!

lookit number 8!!!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

wow.....just, wow....

Thursday, August 09, 2007

uhm....i thought this was nyc...

so, as some of you may have heard, i lived through my first TORNADO yesterday. yes, in new york city of all places. i mean, summer is talking about moving to KANSAS, and I am the one who has the tornado? craziness....

alright, i have to get ready for work now.

i will update again soon with all the "fun" moving stories i have...