Cali Girl in NYC

I've lived in California for 24 years, and decided to move clear across the country for law school. this will be where all can come to laugh at me as i die in the humidity and freeze in the snow as my california body adjusts to life in new york city...through this blog, i hope to have everyone else suffer just a little with me as i make my way through law school

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

gee, i love having my own forum to rant in...

so. bon jovi. im not ashamed to admit that i absotely love him. yesterday, today, and probably tomorrow. (he is aging rather well)
one of my all-time favorite things to do when im full of energy (whether its anger, excitement, whatever) is to play living on a prayer at full volume and SCREAM out the lyrics:
seriously, there arent many things better than that.
i just saw part of his "unplugged" show on vh1. living on a prayer was NOT MEANT to be a friggin ballad with no yelling!!! i literally had a physical reaction to it--you know that moment when your body tenses up when you think you're about to be a car accident, but then there is no impact, and your body takes a few minutes to de-tense? you just sit there in a tense state? yeah, thats what its like when watching bon jovi quietly croon "ooooh, we're half way there....ooooh, we're livin on a prayer" in a soft tone.
what i think he shouldve done is to sing the rest of it all quiet-like, and then, when no one was expecting it, start SCREAMING: WOOOOOAH!!!! WE'RE HALF WAY THE-ERE!!!!!
oh well....

you be the judge!!


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

it's good to know ive grown up so much over the last 25 years....

let me just begin by saying: my heart is still pounding. i can still feel the blood pulse heavily through my neck and wrists--no joke. im still kinda holding my breath. time for some slow, deep breathing....

holy crap. i mean come ON! im 25 freaking years old here!!!! what kind of crap is this?!

have you guessed what my issue is yet? oh come on now, there isn't much that freaks me out this bad.


so, im sitting here, innocently watching mythbusters (snow episode) and doing laundry. a commercial comes on, and im not really listening, but i turn and look at the tv just as.....A MASSIVE FREAKING SHARK COMES BITING AT THE SCREEN! (wow, i can still vividly see the image. i really dont think i will be sleeping well tonight....mooooooom, can i come home and sleep in your bed???)
and what was my reaction to seeing a shark on tv, to JUMP like 12 feet in the air, simultaneously turning around, and SCREAMING, "JESUS CHRIST!!!" while groping at my heart.
i wouldve thought i would have been over this by now. although, i AM able to sleep on blue sheets now....however, still dont really like taking baths in bubbles, or swimming where i cant see the bottom of the pool/lake/ocean, etc.
oh, and the best part? while i was still sitting there with my back to the tv, unable to turn around to grab the remote to change the channel, i had to sit and listen to the ad for shark week (hurrah......) and the ad for "the most devestatingly disturbing shark attack in history" that features all kinds of screaming and splashing--basically, my ultimate nightmare.

i need a friggin cocktail....

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


i think this should be on the label of my dad's next wine....

power of nature

all day today it was kinda hazy, and pretty warm. i went into school around 3, and came back outside before my class at like 530. the weather had changed slightly--it was a bit more muggy. when i next came outside, it was 830, and you could FEEL the heaviness of the air. soon, the clouds came in, the rain started to fall, and now there's this awesome thunder/lightening storm going on.

my first thought: thank GOD i was able to eat my dinner outside and walk home before the rain started. yay!!!

second: oh. my. god. i love the smell of rain. i mean, i love love love teh sunshine. one of my all time most favoritist things, but the smell of

third: lightening is amazing. huge friggin bolts lighting up my whole apartment.

fourth: every time lightening goes, my tv goes silent for a few seconds. it's amusing me.

fifth: I GOT AN A IN ONE OF MY CLASSES!!!! (off topic, i know, but come ON! this is exciting!)

Monday, June 18, 2007

huh.....good for her...

did anyone have any idea that julia roberts was even pregnant??

i like that about her (that i had no idea). im glad she is able to have some sort of life that i know nothing about.
that, and i havent seen her cooch (lindsey, paris, britney, etc....). i REALLY like that about julia.

on a completely off-topic note: im watching the daily show, and steve carrell is teh guest. for those of you in california, if you read this prior to 11pm, WATCH IT!
and, if you miss it, it will be on a few times tomorrow during the day on reruns on comedy central. watch it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

get over it! im lazy!

so, after incessant nagging from my parents and summer (and a very concerned email from nooshin), i get it: you people are addicted to me and my life. muahahaha.
alright. so, ive been busy. im taking a year-long course in 8 weeks. constitutional law. so much work. i spend quite a bit of every day preparing for my class that i have four nights a week. i havent started working yet, though, thankfully. work and school are going to overlap for two weeks, and i am really not looking forward to that.
so, i was in los gatos over the weekend, and i was to take a red-eye flight out of san jose last night and arrive in new york this morning around 745 (or something like that). so, my father is smart, and suggested that i check on my flight last night. it was delayed an hour. blaaaauuuggghhhh. we were scheduled to leave at 1040, but that was pushed back to 1155, and, in all actuality, we didnt take off until after midnight (west coast time, of course).
i had my parents drop me off at the airport around 1030, so i could force myself to get some reading done for class tonight. the area next to the gate was just packed with people, so i walked down the hall a little and went into this little alcove where i could see what was going on at the gate. there was no one else sitting there, although there was a girl sitting across the hall on her cell. she was loud. and i mean LOUD. and she talked constantly. the other person on the phone didnt say anything. and then she hung up with that person and called someone else. and i got to hear all of the exact same stories all over again. she's going to new york for three days. she seeing x y and z. she was supposed to see w, but w bailed, although she has a good reason. shes pregnant! oh my god!
suffice it to say, i was annoyed with this chick. however, i was basically able to tune her out so i could get my reading done. (i should mention here that i was sitting on one chair with my carry on on another chair, and a book and my glasses case and a highlighter on another chair. i had papers strewn all around me, and i was curled up reading them, and underlining and highlighting. if you had taken one look at me, you would have known i was studying and not sitting there reading people magazine or some crap.) the next thing i know, annoying chick's voice is getting louder. and louder. i look up, and she's walking across teh hall towards my alcove. that's right. for no apparent reason, she had decided she didnt want to sit across the hall and talk loudly on her cell, she wanted to come sit right across from me and talk loudly on her cell phone. i couldnt believe it. i mean SERIOUSLY! im STUDYING! and you're talking loudly on your cell!! i gave her a couple dirty looks (like full-on caught her eye and glaaaared) and she did nothing. finally, i go, "oh my GOD!" i gather up all my shit and i huff away to sit somewhere where i dont have to listen to someone on their phone.
it was so shockingly disrespectful and a blatant disregard for someone else. i am still in shock. i saw her this morning at baggage check and almost threw my suitcase at her. she should be lucky im not a violent person. so effing rude.
so, then we get on the plane. i think i told most of you about my flight out--i befriended one of the flight attendants and he and i chatted for like 45 minutes at teh front of the plane. the other fight attendants were really sweet, too. all in all, the flight was great. the pilots didnt do a lot of pointless chatter (which i love). this flight. wow. it was incredibly different. first, as im getting on the plane, the attendant who was "greeting" everyone (and, by greeting, i mean, she stood there staring at everyone as we walked on), started FREAKING out because a moth flew onto the plane. and not because she was worried about the passengers having to deal with a moth, but because she is afraid of bugs. seriously? it's a moth. turn on a light, it will go there, and you will never see the thing again. she and i kinda laughed about that....and that was the end of her kindness.
so, we're sitting, waiting to take off, and the pilot comes on and says, the flight is this long, etc, and we are going to have basically constant turbulence, so be sure to keep your seatbelt on whenever youre seated. okay, great. thanks. so, we take off, and the filght attendant (moth-lady) comes on the speaker and its PAINFUL to listen to her. she doesnt really know how to talk. and i dont even just mean that she was new or something and wasnt confident in what she had to say. no. she tried to say something like, "sit back, relax, and have a nice flight." and it came out all halting and there would be like 10 second pauses between was weird. and, annoying. and then, about 20 minutes after we had taken off, and not hit turbulence, the captain still had not turned off the seatbelt sign. i had to pee. i also just wanted to pee so that i could go to sleep and not have to worry about REALLY needing to pee later. the flight attendants came by to pass out headphones or something, and i asked if i could get up to pee, adn the male attendant goes, in a crazy-snotty tone, "is the fasten seatbelt light still on? well, that means that you need to keep your seatbelt fastened." and walked away. (this is the same guy that later on in the flight, the girl next to me hit the attendant call button, and he looked, but didnt come--he was literally jsut standing at the front of teh airplane. he wasnt doing anything. so, the girl next to me kinda waves at him to get his attention, and he waved back. and that was it. i was appalled. so i went back to sleep). after the seatbelt thing, though, i was pissed.
so, i cant really sleep on planes. i get some sleep, but not a lot. at one point, i sat up for a minute to stare at the tv, and i made the mistake of taking my headphones off for a moment. taking my headphones off, apparently, unbeknownst to me, is a signal for the person next to you to start talking to you. she talked to me for a little over a half hour. every time i would go to say something about going back to try to sleep, she woulud ask another question. or she would say she was so glad she was talking to me because she was so scared of flying. now, i can be a bitch, but seriously. is anyone so cold-hearted that if a person was saying how scared they were and that you were calming them down that you would be like, okay well, good luck with that. im going to sleep? no, i hope no one is that mean.
i finally got her to shut up, and i continued to attempt to sleep. by the time we landed, i was 10000% more grumpy than i had been the night before. so, im standing at the baggage claim, waiting for my bags (i swear to god, jfk is the slowest airport when it comes to luggage. at san jose, my bags were basically at the baggage claim two seconds after i got there. no waiting. at jfk, i waited at least a half hour). first, this group of children come. the oldest was maybe 12, and the youngest was probably 9. 6 kids, i think. anyways, their moms basically just let them go running around. there was an annoying recording that played every 2 minutes that said, "parents, watch your children. dont let them play on the conveyer belt." there were even signs everywhere that said that. and what was going on? the parents were definitely not watching their children, and the brats were definiitely playing on the conveyer belt. and then. im standing at the belt, there is a LOT of space on either side of me (probably about 5 feet either direction), but all of a suddent there is a man standing close to me. maybe about 1.5 feet away. too close. and so i look over to glare, an dthen i notice, he has a woman attached to the front of him. and theyre kissing. loud, sloppy kisses, with a lot of "mmmms" in there.
okay, im not such a bitter person that i dont get wanting to make out with someone. but seriously--TIME AND PLACE! loud sloppy kissing? yeah, not for public.
and then, there was a lot of traffic coming home. and i didnt get home until 1030. and then i had a lot of reading to do. and i almost fell asleep in class multiple times. and thats REALLY bad when the class is tiny.
and now, im going to sleep.
sorry for the whiny blog, but you all whined to me. so there.