Cali Girl in NYC

I've lived in California for 24 years, and decided to move clear across the country for law school. this will be where all can come to laugh at me as i die in the humidity and freeze in the snow as my california body adjusts to life in new york city...through this blog, i hope to have everyone else suffer just a little with me as i make my way through law school

Thursday, September 27, 2007


it's stuff like this that renews my faith in people, and actually lessens my hatred of people. to show so unabashadly that people can grow, mature, and form new thoughts, and be more accepting is....well, it takes words away from me.

this video made me cry (okay, yes, i know i cry at EVERYTHING, but still! i dare you not to let this touch you!) the quality is pretty shitty, but the message comes across crystal clear, as does his so proud of california right now!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

at least it's not a starbucks....

so, one of the things i love most about where i live is that im close to this super cute neighborhood (cobble hill), which has all of these cute little bars and restaurants, and clothing stores i cant afford....but i really like the quaintness of it all.
i just found out today that they are putting in an urban outfitters RIGHT around the corner from me. im not sure how i feel about it. i mean, yes, the fact that they are putting a TRADER JOE'S right around the *other* corner from me, excites the crap out of me, but an urban outfitters? hmmm....

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

there are no words.....

and then check out this!


Saturday, September 22, 2007

sorry sorry sorry!!!

okay, i suck. im fully aware. but ive been craaaaaaaazy busy. and by the time i get home at night, i really dont want to blog about my life. i just want to lay down on my bed and watch some tv.... (side note, i feel that my grasp of grammar is basically decent, but for the life of me i can NEVER use the correct spelling/usage of "laid, lied, lay, lie, etc....")

so, let's see. im a 2L. im taking 5 classes -- labor law, evidence, criminal procedure, employment discrimination, and labor arbitration. i will give you one guess as to what i think i may be interested in after school....employment law! possibly labor law....although, i havent quite decided how i feel about all this union stuff. my classes are, for the most part, interesting. there are times when im bored out of my mind, of course, but thats really to be expected. (side note #2, have you heard that song "almost lover" by a fine frenzy!? i loooooooove it. go listen to it. now. go. ill wait.) one nice thing, though, is that i usually only have school monday-wednesday, and only occasionally on thursdays. however, for that mon-wed period im so disgustingly busy, its horrible. i tend to be at school for 9-12 hour days. yeah. its great fun being a full-time law school student.

on top of regular classes, ive joined a couple student organizations, AND, because im way super smart and like to have NO free time, im helping my friend liz to start our OWN student org.
its called Law Students for Veteran's Rights. we are going to be working with different orgs throughout nyc to be advocates for veterans to help them out with housing, benefits, etc.... actually, one of the interesting things ive learned that i didnt know before was that up until about 14 years ago, if the military discovered you were gay (what!? gay! *gasp* oh no! not gay! oh the horror....) you were dishonorably discharged. and, to petition to get that changed to an HONORABLE discharge (because seriously, what the fuck. im beyond disturbed), you would have to jump through about a million hoops. actually, i dont know why im using past-tense for that. people who were discharged more than 14 years ago are STILL dealing with that crap. and, the only thing that the past 14 years has changed is that now gays are HONORABLY discharged, but there is a mark on their record, and they are not allowed to reenlist. but, yeah, so thats one of the things we will be working on -- getting those dishonorable discharges changed. i guess thats something....ick, now im way bothered by society again...

oh, happy things! so, angie-mae came to visit a couple weeks ago! it was so much fun to have her here (i hadnt seen her since christmas!!), and we made our way all over the city. she was also cool with just hanging out in brooklyn, which was nice, because, honestly, i get way too lazy at times to travel all the way to the city to find something that will take me 5 minutes to walk to. but we had some fun nights out in the city. on the friday she was here, we went and saw a comedy show at the Comedy Cellar, where we got to see dave attell! in case you dont know, i love dave attell. he's a bit raunchy, but come on, the best comics are. after the show, we heard that he was hanging out in the bar above teh comedy cellar, so i went up to be a super obnoxious girl and take a picture with him. we wound up hanging out with him and another comic for the next two was a lot of fun. from what i remember..... from there, we went to go dancing and we super randomly ran into my friend alex and so we hung out with him and his friends until the bar closed (at 4). then, one of the benefits of his being a bartender, he knew of this one bar somewhere that stayed open "afterhours," so we went there. i think we got home around 6. (wow, i think that was the most innocent telling of a really sordid story that ive ever done! and haha! no, you dont get to hear the sordid parts....)

hmmm....what else....oh!!! so, for the past two weeks, there has been crazy work being done to some buildings down the street from me. its been quite annoying, actually. there are always workers all over the sidewalk, and it makes it a little difficult to maneuver through. it became BEYOND annoying when they began work at SIX-THIRTY AM yesterday morning. needless to say, i havent been loving these people. until.....

so, i was walking with my neighbor yesterday, and we were passing the construction guys, and she made some comment about what an amazing job they were doing, and how it really does look like georgetown. hmmm...thats an odd comment to make. what do you mean it looks like georgetown? and she goes, "you know, for the brad pitt movie theyre filming here. its supposed to look like georgetown." woah woah woah. wait. back up. ex-squeeze me? baking powder? did you say brad pitt? ooooh yes she did. but wait. it gets better.
not only is brad pitt in the movie, but so is george clooney, john malkovich, tilda swinton, and frances mcdormand. but the absolute BEST part! guess who the writer/directors are? my god, i can barely contain myself....the effing COEN brothers. the COEN brothers are going to be ON MY STREET for A WEEK. im about to pee my pants. i cant even tell you. and my god, if frances mcdormand is here....i dont even know what im going to do. i mean, in all honesty, im not one of those people who will throw themselves at celebrities. i mean, i like seeing them just as much as the next girl, but there are certain people (the effing COEN brothers) that are so FREAKING AMAZING that i will be that annoying little girl standing around with a pad of paper, a pen, and a camera. im getting a picture with them. i am. well, maybe. probably not. but i will be WISHING i had the guts to go up to them. either way, i cant wait.
you can check out the (tiny amount of) information here!

alright, now i have to get up (cooooffeeeeeeee) and get some reading done, so i can go to target, to i can go watch football. oh. ive been watching football on saturdays. my friend (liz again) went to the university of michigan, and is obsessed with their football. ive never attended a college that even HAD a football team (oh wait! west valley did! but that doesnt really count, does it?), so ive never really experienced how crazy these people get. we've been going to a umich bar in the city called professor thom's, and its crazy fun. its almost like being there. but you're inside. with beer. and spinache/artichoke dip. yuuum....

okay, im out. hope that was long enough to possibly make-up for my lack of blogging!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


#23 across....