Cali Girl in NYC

I've lived in California for 24 years, and decided to move clear across the country for law school. this will be where all can come to laugh at me as i die in the humidity and freeze in the snow as my california body adjusts to life in new york city...through this blog, i hope to have everyone else suffer just a little with me as i make my way through law school

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

best way to procrastinate

so, i turned in the huge horrible disgusting brief last week, and ever since, i have had NO desire to study. at all. and that aint good. especially since i need to a) buy a suit, b) write an opening statement for a criminal case, c) writing a cross-examination for said criminal case, and d) be able to succinctly and adequately present my case and obtain a space on the trial advocacy team.

but what am i ACTUALLY doing? well, i have my civ pro book open next to me, i have a notebook open next to me, and i have my trial ad book open next to me telling me how to write an effective opening statement. that said, i am watching sex and the city and playing sudoku (when im not blogging, of course). yeah, i suppose this is the best way to do well in law school....

ooh! so. im not sure how many of you out there knew me in high school or have heard the story since, but summer haines ruined my prom experience. no, thats being a bit harsh. SHE didnt ruin it....she just....well, she inflicted mike upon me. i suppose i could start blaming rick for that, that sounds better than having a perpetual grudge against my best friend....
anyway, prom in high school wasnt great. the dress i had gotten (super cheap on clearnace at nordstrom rack) i had tried on with a bra, but it was backless, so, sans bra, it had a VERY different look. so, to make up for it, i tried these stick-on "bra" things. i put them on wrong, and when i went to remove them to readjust, they came off, with about half my skin. it was, to put it super mildly, not pleasant.
then, my date was a guy that i didnt particularly care for, adn was a good inch shorter than me, and i wasnt even in heels (ooh, i wore converse, which was an AWESOME aspect of the night). he was irritating and i spent the majority of the night trying to avoid him.
then, since summer was there with her boyfriend, and her parents were SUPER overprotective (mine were, too, but in this instance, they never had the chance to veto or okay), and she was not allowed to stay in san francisco at the hotel. so, she had to go home. and, im still not entirely clear as to how it happened, but that also meant that i had to leave, too. from what i hear, the night at the hotel was quite an experience....*sigh*

BUT! thanks to law school, summer has a chance to make it up to me!! law school has this thing called a Barrister's Ball, which is, essentially, law school prom. AND! oddly enough, it is on the exact same weekend that summer will be out here in nyc! so, i have begged and pleaded and now, i am going to have the HOTTEST date at the ball....summer and i will turn heads.
im actually really looking forward to it....

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

help a pathetic law student out!

hi friends,
i have spent the last 52 hours (well, a COMBINED 52 hours--starting this past friday) writing a paper for school. hurrah for law school...

anyways, my point:
since law school is uber competitive, our papers are graded anonymously, and we are supposed to have a creative alias. i have NO creative juices left. i had some around 1am when the excessive amounts of caffeine ive consumed today kicked in for about 20 minutes, but i was busy writing other things (a standard of review. dont ask).

anyways, if anyone has any creative aliases they would like to share with me, i'd appreciate it!

(*should* go without saying, but here goes) since it is for school, it must be something appropriate. and interesting. thanks!

Monday, February 19, 2007

study break 2

so, sara and i have been at the school since about 930 this morning (its now 615) and we have had SO MUCH caffeine and we are going a little batty. and we took a picture of us studying (well, casey took our picture, but you get the idea). you cant tell cuz the picture is bright, but we each have papers EVERY where, and bottles/cups of coffee and soda everywhere...

it will all be over in 23 hours and 45 minutes.....

study break

you know what is *extra* special about my law school building? the bathrooms...

by nature, law students are not exactly what you would call "well-rested." and times like these when we're all (i dont think its just me.....) stressed out and working long hard hours, the absolute LAST thing we need is to go into an overly-lit bathroom that over-emphasizes your pale, colorless skin and massive dark circles under the eyes....

or maybe it's just me.

damn. im hot.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

im not really okay with either of these options....

you know, on principle, i try not to get coffee at starbucks. not only is it INSANELY overpriced, but i find that the coffee isnt really that great there.

however, i have found that my recent lifestyle (i.e., restlessly sleeping for maybe four hours and then writing a paper for fourteen) requieres HUGE doses of caffeine.

yesterday i went to the (i think) only other espresso place near my building and got a mocha. it tasted a little odd, but i couldnt quite figure out why. i thought maybe it was the milk (i had asked for low fat).
so, today on my way to school, still rebelling against starbucks, i stopped at the same place and ordered a mocha with regular milk. and this time i watched them make it.
they used generic chocolate syrup from key foods...

i think it might be time to suck it up and shell out an extra 2 bucks for some *real* chocolate from starbucks...

over-price, self-inflicted torture

have i told you lately how much i *love* law school?
friday--up for 18 hours, THIRTEEN of which i spent working on an appellate brief
saturday--up for 20 hours, fourteen of which i spent on the brief
hurrah for caffeine

my ass is numb.

Friday, February 16, 2007


Nabe - a neighborhood theater; neighborhood the great wide blogospher. reaching out to so many different types...

i have heard rumblings from a friend (tall, wisconsin-ite) that one of his friend's roomate (follow that okay?) checks out my blog on a semi-regular basis. now, im not sure if i know this person, but i think thats cool. its fun if people think that i am in the slightest entertaining....

but im OUT THERE.

i was talking to another friend (look! i have two!!) who said that one of his friends found my blog on another blog. IM LINKED TO!! now im a little excited. but this also stresses me out a bit because now i feel as though i have to perform better. be funnier. more entertaining...the pressure....

but hey! check me out! im way down on the right hand side under "Nabe Bloggers"
and yes, i realize that there are a lot of other random blogs on there, and im not "special" per se. but shut up and let me enjoy!

(and yes, mom, i know this proves your point that i never know who is reading my blog. but i never really disputed that fact with you! nor have i put anything too incriminating on here. at least not about myself...) =)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

adding a bit of fun to my cynicism

Okay, this is a fun background musical mix for the day. I keep going, "oh my god i LOVE THAT SONG!" right now, ive got a little neil diamond going...

"I CAN FEEL IT!! (i can feel it)
I CAN FEEL IT!! (doo doo doo)
you and me in the heat of delirious love!!
you and me getting sweet on delirious love"

go here

weather report

first off: happy valentine's day. i think its a bullshit holiday, and i would even if i were dating someone. no, wait, the first part of that is a lie. i enjoy it with my friends and family. it's fun to buy cheesy cards for your friends, etc (by the way, i didnt buy friends cards. sorry.). but i think its kinda bullshit to HAVE to tell the person you're dating how much you care about them, and to stress about "what do i do about valentine's day?!" i was actually asked that by two different guy friends. my answer? "nothing. find a girl who doesnt believe in it." they didnt find that very helpful. huh...


i have been WAITING for winter out here in new york. i mean, we've had a couple days where it has snowed lightly. i think one day where it stuck for a little bit, but thats about it. and we've had COLD days, but those just suck unless there is snow or something. so, it snowed last night while i was in class, so when i got home, i checked the weather report to see what was in store today: "frozen rain."

now. before i go on, let me clarify something. i am aware that it snows in california. HOWEVER, i dont go to the snow. i dont spend time in the snow. i basically know NOTHING about snow.

that said, i saw "frozen rain" and thought, "wow. that sounds really unpleasant. why dont they just say snow?! isnt that what frozen rain is??"
no. its not. i found this morning that frozen rain is in fact an entity all its own. it is tiny tiny tiny balls of ice that come hurtling at you at 500 miles an hour (well, i live right on the water so its a lot windier by my apartment than the rest of the area). frozen rain sucks. i was almost blinded, and had to continue walking to get coffee (yes, its my own fault i went outside) with my head down, my scarf pulled up to just below my eyes, my hat pulled down just above my eyes, and my hands shielding my eyes.
but its pretty.....

enjoy your weather wherever you may be!

Monday, February 05, 2007

let's try this again....

okay, let me know if this one works!!