Cali Girl in NYC

I've lived in California for 24 years, and decided to move clear across the country for law school. this will be where all can come to laugh at me as i die in the humidity and freeze in the snow as my california body adjusts to life in new york city...through this blog, i hope to have everyone else suffer just a little with me as i make my way through law school

Saturday, July 29, 2006

holy sh** the sun is up!

so, i keep wanting to post pictures as i write little blurbs to keep everyone up to date, but i cant do that on this computer, so i want to wait to share the interesting stuff!
however, there are some updates. we have not yet gone on the horrible backpacknig trip. i think we go on monday and get back thursday.
last night nicole's cousin wanted to take us out so he came and picked us up to take us first to his friend's birthday party and then on to a club called Lotus (there is one here in salvador, sao paulo, and new york!). at the party i met three girls Jo, Sissa, and Tai. Jo and Sissa both spoke wonderful english and i had a lot of fun talking wiht them (Jo and i spent abuot 10 minutes discussing harry potter--yes, i am a loser). did i already mention the ONE sentence i know in portuguese? (i cant spell it) eau goshteria mas cerveja! i want more beer! that was the theme throughout the evening.
from the party we went to lotus. before we went in, nicole gave a warning: "watch out for brazilian men. they WILL stick their tongues down your throats!" you know, you think you're warned, but you never really are....
it took us forever to get inside. two of the girls forgot their IDs, so we had to basically beg to get them in--which we did. once inside we got mas cerveja and danced danced danced. there were three djs throughout the evening. the first was from nyc and kept speaking in english and he played contemporary music you'd hear in a club in the states. the second guy played moer of a mix of disco, michael jackson--fun stuff like that. but then the third guy played brazilian "hip-hop". so much fun!! as i know my father will be reading this, i will leave out more of the salacious (sp?) details. but if you want to know--ive got pictures!!!
finally the club started emptying out. as most of you know, i ALWAYS have my watch on me. im anal, i dont know. well, my watch died right after we got on the flight from sf to chicago. but i have a cheap crappy purple watch from target that ive been wearing, but it just didnt go with my cute litle outfit, so no watch, and i had no idea what time it was. so, the club is closing and we are stumbling (and i mean stumbling--they got me to wear heels! ouch ouch ouch!) outside and we all kind of stop. the big glass doors are showing us that it is bright outside. nto only bright, but then sun was UP! we later come to fnid out that it is almost 7am!!! i dont know if i have EVER done that before! needless to say that we are all pretty dead today, so we spent the afternoon on the beach. i must say, though that it was pretty awesome to leave a club to this view: we are basically on a cliff overlooknig a beach adn teh ocean with the sun glistening gold...ahhh brazil!
the beaches here are AMAZING! not only is the view awesome, but the weather is perfect, the sand is soft, the water warm, and i have found where all of the hot boys in the world have been hiding--on the beach by our apartment!! one of the girls, emma, mentioned that it is weird to see so many not that attractive girls and a LOT of hot guys! i mean, there were some unattractive guys, but for the most part they are all stunning! and even if they dont have cute faces (they usually do) their bodies are...excuse me as i wipe the drool from the keyboard.
the other great thing about the beach (brazil in general) is the service you get! everywhere they throw their backs out catering to you! on the beach you can rent umbrellas, chairs, tables for 2 reais each (a little less than $1) there are people who come by selling food and drinks all the time and they bring it to you, and quite often they cook it right there for you too! i cant even begin to describe the food!
well, its 530 here now and i need to go take a nap because i think were going out again tonight! (i am way too old for this!) more updates to come! and in a week-pictures!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


so, its winter here, but its still really warm. how warm you might ask? well, i just saw some brazilian MAN ASS hanging out of a speedo. so, its pretty warm. the humidity is unbelievable! i curl my hair in the morning, put in pounds and pounds of gel, and after being outside for a while, it just fros into this huge ball. yeah, im super hot. dontcha want me?

we havent really done anything yet. after 21 hours of travel, we got here yesterday afternoon at which point everyone just sat around, which was annoynig because i just wanted to get out and DO stuff. then we ended up going to dinner and having "muqueca" (or something to that effect) which was really good--except for the hair. so, the dish itself is a fish dish, kind of like a stew, and you serve it over rice. however, as we were eating, one of the girls, emma, pulled this long strand of blonde hair out of her mouth. we were all kinda freaked out for a minute, but then i said, you know its probably one of your hairs. so, we accepted that and moved on. a few minutes later, another girl, sarah, pulled a hair out of HER mouth. now, i didnt see that one, so i dont know if it was hers or what, but i wanted to go to the back and see what blonde long-haired person was cooking our food! its brazil!

today, i was up at 830 figuring other people would be up soon too so we could start teh day because there is so much to do and not a lot of time to do it in! yeah, i sat around until almost 1130 when everyone else finally got up. but once people were up, we went for a really nice walk by teh beach, and we got green coconuts to drink the milk and eat the flesh. this woman has a stand with the coconuts, and you ask for one and she takes this massive machete and hacks at the coconut until there is a hole for the straw. then, when youre done drinking, you give the coconut back to her and again she starts hacking away with the machete until you can split it and eat the gooey inside. it was good--not how i expected it to taste, but good!

after that we came home to the apartment where i had my first tast of cashew nut juice. it was actually good! it tastes like something back home, but i cant figure out what....

(sorry about punctuation/spelling--the keyboard is different here!!)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I've given in

so, as i am moving clear across the country and leaving my family and the majority of my friends behind, i thought i would create this little blog to keep everyone update as to the goings-on out on the east coast! i had planned to create this once i returned from brazil in a few weeks, but hey, im bored and figured i'd do it now, although i dont really plan on blogging again for a couple of weeks...but hey! check back again in a few weeks when i've returned from brazil!