Cali Girl in NYC

I've lived in California for 24 years, and decided to move clear across the country for law school. this will be where all can come to laugh at me as i die in the humidity and freeze in the snow as my california body adjusts to life in new york city...through this blog, i hope to have everyone else suffer just a little with me as i make my way through law school

Saturday, September 30, 2006

stuff from my brother

so, older brother lorin sent this to me. i dont even know what to say about it...

and then there is the remix...which is FREAKY because it is slowed down
and you can better be freaked out by the facial expressions.

the little man looks like fargo.

Friday, September 29, 2006

a day in new york with jj

my day was anything but dull.
i went places with jj. we bought things. we saw things. it was fun.

fargo is a girl of ill-repute.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

gg update

it was good....

eleven more hours!!!!!!!

so, tonight. i have been waiting for tonight for about three months now. WHY some of you might ask? (and if some of you, namely SUMMER or MOM really need to ask, i think im done talking to you for a while).
WELL! TONIGHT is the first episode of the new (last!!!) season of GILMORE GIRLS! lorelai! rory! luke! logan! emily! richard! the whole gang! just me and my girls tonight. so, to get in the mood, enjoy these:
the girls

luke and lorelai! moment of silence....

ahhhh, my favorite. the "men" of gilmores...nice!

so, this means i will not be accepting phone calls this evening from 8-9 est, or 5-6 pacific. thanks. =)

so, last week, one of our friends actually got smart and brought her camera out with us to our little law school bar. so, i wanted to share some pictures of our group--outside of alex, heather, and jj, that is...

this is zach! he's awesome. check out how blue his eyes are! crazy....oh, and thats alex's head in the forground...dont ask.

zach and alex...yeah, alex is hard core. watch out

this is our 10D group, plus sarah. so, left to right:
lou, sarah, zach, me, will, alex

another group picture...will's head is blocking mine...geez!

fargo sings like a banshee

Sunday, September 17, 2006


so, last night at duvet, there were these photographers walking around taking pictures. they would give you a card to go check out their website and you can see the pictures! they also want you to purchase them from their website. the lame thing is that you can go on their website and save the pictures to your computer then print them for free. the only annoying thing is that there is a little joonbug picture in the bottom corner of each photo--is that supposed to deter people? huh...anyways, here goes:

bad asses! that's rockstar JJ in the white. and that is his friend marshall mitchell michael, whatever on the air guitar. there is me falling backwards.
dancing queens!
this is one of my favorite pictures because it proves that JJ doesnt ALWAYS photograph well. no. seriously. look at the rest of the pictures, he looks good in all of them....ick.
case and point! he's got the "model" thing down pretty well


okay. i am SO mad right now. i had been working on this WONDERFUL post, and then firefox decided it didnt want to be open any more. so, it closed. randomly. with no notice. and it took my blog with it.


so, let's try it again. it wont be as witty and entertaining as it could have been, but there you go. send your hate mail to firefox. or maybe its my school's horrible internet "access". bastards.

last night, justin haines was celebrating his 29th birthday (which, i guess, isnt actually for another week....i dunno). his plan for the evening was to start off at the bohemian beer garden in astoria (queens), and then to travel back down south to brooklyn to go to a night club. (random thought: tom cruise runs really oddly. ever notice that?) justin said he was going to leave for the beer garden around 730, which meant he would get there around 8-ish. so, my friend erin (who went to school with justin and is one of my good friends and she just moved to nyc, too!!) and i said we would get to queens around 830. now, heres the thing with that plan.

first of all, erin and i both felt like we shouldnt travel to queens alone. i mean seriously. queens. alone. at night. in "go-out" clothes? riiight. no freaking way. however, erin lives on the upper west side. i live in brooklyn.
i tried to post a map here to show everyone how impractical this all was, but it didnt work. so i will try and explain. picture manhattan. picture the UPPER WEST side. now picture the LOWER EAST side, and cross the river. that is the distance between erin and i. now. ignore manhattan for a minute. queens and brooklyn are actually on the same "island," queens is north. if i had traveled alone, i could have just gone straight on up to queens. instead, i traveled to times square, which, i guess, is midtown? i dont really know. but it was out of my way. and erin and i decided to meet at the train, which was another good theory. we just didnt plan it right. so i got there about 20 minutes before she did. and i had to stand around. in 3-inch heels. ouch.
the other problem with our plan was that we actually didnt even leave for queens until like 930. an hour past when we were supposed to get there.
we finally get to queens and realize we dont know where we are supposed to go after the subway. we ask directions from the guy working at the subway station and he says we go left out of the station for a few blocks, then make a right. we walk that way for a while, and it doesnt feel right. the street had gotten kinda dark, and there were some residences. and we were barked at. so, we turn around and walk back in the direction we came from. we go that way for a while, but that doesnt feel right, either. so i ask these guys on the street and they dont know. but there are these two people sitting on a bench who say they know how to get there. they tell us to go BACK in the first direction we went. greeeaat. as we turn to leave, the people start conversing with us. asking us if we're sisters, where we're from, etc. thats when we notice that theyre sitting there drinking wine out of plastic cups. and they are TRASHED. the woman is so excited that we are from northern california, and she tells us that she has family out there. and then she goes "do you know the wilsons?" erin and i are just all "ooh! the wilsons! yeah! sure!" you drunk!
we get out of there and walk back down the street. by now, i think all the people on the street were pretty sure that erin and i were hookers. we actually had passed this one group of guys three times now and they made some comment about how lost we must be. it was funny. you had to be there.
we FINALLY get to the beer garden! yeah! and then we have to wait outside in a line for 20 minutes. at this point, i had already stood around in my heels for 20 minutes. and then i had "walked the streets" for another 30 minutes. and then i had to stand for another 20 minutes? come ON!
we get inside and it was pretty cool. justin was doin it up right for his birthday. i guess by the time we got there, they (read: justin) had gone through many pitchers of beer. and when we were sitting down, justin's friend alan brought him a shot of wild turkey. ew ew ew. but justin downed it. ick. and then he tried to tell us some slurry story about when he was in italy with erin and their friend stefan. too funny...
so, after actually being INSIDE teh beer hall for about a half hour, justin and his friends are ready to go to the next club. so, erin and i get back on the subway and back in to the city to meet jj and two of his friends from back home in st. louis.
jj has some friend that does club promotion, so they had been out at these crazy night clubs the past few nights, so i met them at duvet last night. erin and i got in for free cuz we're gurls. (batting eyelashes here). the guys had a *reduced* price of $20 to get in. i dont even know how much a regular cover charge would be. oh! the super cool thing was that we didnt have to wait in the super long line to get in! we walked past everyone and right into the club. yeah, thats how we roll.
so, we're inside and i go to the bar to buy erin and i a drink. i got my standard margarita, and she got a vodka gimlit (sp? and it sounds like giblets and made me sick to even think of. ew). i ask, "how much for both?" and the guy goes "twenty-four." dollars?? excuse me? 24 dollars for two drinks??? highway robbery!! insane. but i paid it. so the club's credit, it was probably the strongest margarita ive ever had. swear to god it was like three shots of tequila and a splash of margartia mix.
so. we stand around for a while before we are whisked away into this "private" area where there were free drinks. but it was all vodka. so i didnt drink any of that. i went and danced with erin and jj and jj's friend mitchell or marshall, or something like that. and then about an hour or so after my first drink, i went and got another. now, at this point, i had had maybe A beer at the beer hall, and one margarita. i go and get my second drink and it FINISHES me. i dont think ive ever gotten that drunk from two drinks before. that is how unbelievably potent those drinks were. so, erin, being smart, decides that she is ready to go (i honestly have NO CLUE what time that was), and i say that i am going to walk her out to help her find a cab, but then ill come back in. i get outside, take off my heels (i brought flats in my new huge bag! yeah me!!), and realize, i am way too drunk, i need to go home!
i find erin a cab, then i get in another myself and head home. on my way back up to my apartment, i stopped at my friend jonathan's apartment, who lives on the first floor in my apartment. i wound up hanging out with him until 430. in the morning. and then i went home. yeah elevators!
and now i want to die, but i have to go work on a paper for my legal writing class..uuuuggghhh.

mom and dad? arent you PROUD of me?? =) haha..

by the by...i realized that ive forgotten to do this the past few times:
fargo is a loser.
fargo is a nincompoop!
fargo is a booby. (im sorry, i had to put that. i looked up "idiot" in an online thesaurus, and "booby" came up. i thought it was great)

fargo is the wind beneath my wings....

Saturday, September 16, 2006

my god how old am i???

my "baby" brother james is moving to college today....cant even believe it...but good luck to him!!!! =)

do you think dressing him in drag at such a young age has hindered him at all now? hmmm....three UCSC students...ahhhh, family tradition.....(that is my father, as well, in the pink pants)so cool...

can you find the hidden ashton child in this picture??

my brothers....geez

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

5 years ( below first!)

5 years

this morning i went down to the WTC site. ive been trying to explain this to my friends who are from new york, but there is a definite sense of removal for me from being from california. i dont feel like i truly experienced the complete impact of the events--not that i would want to. but it seems like such an unbelievably horrible event for just this "small" area of people to experience.

anyway, i went down to the site this morning, and i got there about 940. the first tower fell at 959. so i had wanted to be sure to be there for it. here are pictures and a few notes i jotted down this morning and this evening (i have so many more pictures, and it was REALLY HARD to choose which ones to share on here!!):

the clouds reflected in the building

family members of those who died
this was a young police officer. i thought it was cool how i had him right in front of "remember"
freaking evangelists. this guy was out there ranting about the end of the world, and i walked away, and when i came back she was exorcising him or whatever...
the amish were there!

more family members


this bell was here for anyone to ring...actually, there were four different bells. it was a really neat idea

the tower lights from the brooklyn promenade by my house. they almost look like "lasers" hitting the sky like that

thats the brooklyn bridge . you can see the empire state building there kinda in the middle. it was lit up red white and blue...