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I've lived in California for 24 years, and decided to move clear across the country for law school. this will be where all can come to laugh at me as i die in the humidity and freeze in the snow as my california body adjusts to life in new york city...through this blog, i hope to have everyone else suffer just a little with me as i make my way through law school

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

do you know where sesame street is?

yeah, that was actually asked of me today--me, tina, and kat. let's break this down, shall we?
a) hey, dumbass, that ACTUAL question is, "can you tell me how to get to sesame street?"
b) there we were, walking down 14th street, discussing politics (no, really, we were. and let me tell you, its rare that im actually walking down the street having an intellectual conversation. teehee! i am so smart! s-m-r-t!), and this weird, twitchy little guy kept looking over his shoulder at us. when he actually stopped in front of us, i did NOT expect his line to be, "excuse me, do you know where sesame street is? the three of us all stopped short and just stared dumbfounded at him. i mean, how do you respond to something like that!? kat told him it was downtown somwhere, which were the only words any of us could get out. and the kid goes, "oh, ive got a meeting with cookie monster," and walks off. uuuuhhh....did that just happen?
c) was this a pick-up line? did he actually over-hear us debating hillary vs. obama vs. mccaine and think, hmmm, asking them about sesame street will help me score!!
d) if it wasnt a pick-up line, then...uuh...what the eff??

did that *really* just happen?

oh new york city...

Saturday, February 09, 2008


this is from my birthday party. i really tried to get these pics in order, but it just wasnt working. so, youll have to deal with thse out of order! it was nicole's birthday to (shes in front of me), and thats liz behind me.
the birthday girls!!!
okay, i think i love this pic a little too much. i think matt and i take the best bday pics ever! this one is so true to life, sad.
aaand, back to christmas! see? i told you these dont go in order! this is at la pasterria where my "little" brother works. yum! baked brie and roasted garlic! yum! butternut squash gnocchi! yum! wine!!!
ho-ly crap. he is just too friggen cute. him and the dog.
this is kat!! and reid. kat is the tall one, read below. sorry its fuzzy, but its the only pic i have of her!
okay, these next three pics are going backwards in order. baaah!! irritating!!! nancy vollrath sent me a box of cookies for my bday! so, the first is of me eating one, the next is a close up of a cookie, adn the third is the entire box. the effect is greater starting from the third, but whatever.

theyre SPARKLY!!!!!

"love means never having to say you're sorry"

blah blah. isnt that what love is all about? being a grown-up and being able to apologize when youve been an asshole?
however, i do love the line, "don't bullshit me" is the eleventh commandment.

for those of you not in-the-know, i just watched Love Story. it was good. sad, but good. the one thing (other than the whole love/sorry business) that drove me NUTS was that when jenny got sick (im not giving anything away here. she dies. thats the whole point of the movie. no shock.), the doctor told oliver and not jenny. in fact, not only did the doctor not tell her, but he LIED to her and told her she was fine AND told oliver to act as though everything was normal! hello!! liability!! maybe things were different in the 1970s, but nowadays if a doctor were to do that he would be fucked! oh, another thing that bothered me was that jenny was supposed to be this forward-thinking, confident woman, and she supported oliver through law school and blah blah...but she had "woman" jobs. she taught music and was a camp counselor. thank god times have changed....

so, i had a crazy fun night last night!
my new friend Kat (who i met through work) was starring as The Cat in the Hat in Seussical the Musical in hoboken, new jersey. so, i, along with kat's two bffs Jet and Reid, trekked out to jersey to see kat on opening night. this was exciting for a few reasons: 1) this was the second time i went to jersey! 2) i took the PATH train for the first time! 3) i got to see kat as the cat in the hat and she was AWESOME!!!! 4) i met kat's family and my god, theyre tall. kat comes in at an even 6 foot. her shortest brother is something like 6'5, her father is at LEAST 6'7 (i think he might be a little taller than that) and her other brother is a quarter of an inch shorter than her father. her mom, at least, is "normal" height, coming in at around 5'8. its bizarre. and theyre all blonde. those darn swedes, im tellin ya.
anyways, kat was PHENOMENAL. it was funny because at work shes been in persona for the past couple of weeks, so im used to kat jumping out from around corners and saying bizarre things in bizarre voices, but i finally got to see it all put together -- and in costume, no less!! it was so much fun!!
from there we went and had a drink with the whole cast at a bar in hoboken, and then kat, jet, reid and i began to make our way back to the PATH train to get back to manhattan. on our way, we stopped at a playground where shennanigans ensued. there are pictures somewhere...i think jet has them, that i will have to get from her. there was this picturesque view of manhattan in the background...i guess there are positives to living in hoboken.
so, we got back to manhattan, and reid and jet were starving, so we stopped at taco bell. i have not eaten at taco bell since i lived in santa cruz, i think (three years ago?), but i have actually been craaaaaving a bean and cheese burrito. so, i got a 1/2lb bean and cheese burrito, but, sadly, theyve either changed their cheese, or ive just developed a more sensitive pallet (my guess is that it is the former). the cheese they use now is that kind that, after you heat it up and its cooling down, gets kind of plastic-y and coats your mouth. ick.
after taco bell we caught a bus (this is the first time ive taken an nyc bus since i moved to the city!) and rode it down 14th st to 14th and 1st ave to a bar called Nowhere. i was expecting this, but since ive never been to one, it was still bizarre--it was a gay club. not the kind of clubs i go to with matt (the boy bars that i love!), but mainly lesbians and some gay guys. but i had so much fun! i think kat and them were worried that i would be freaked out, because they kept kinda checking in with me, but i had a blast! i got checked out more than i normally do (nice boost to the ego), but was not hit on (which was good for my comfort level). i think if someone had tried to flirt with me, i would have been okay, but some of those girls are AGGRESSIVE! yikes!! but, luckily, i stuck close to reid and met a few of his friends (uhm...lauren and....lauren's friend). as i was talking to reid and lauren, lauren's friend was talking to another girl next to me, and i heard the girl saying something about being from northern california. so, i turn around and jump in to their conversation (so i have no manners? what of it!?), and it turns out that the girl is from palo alto, and lauren and her friend both went to Mills!! (yeah, i wasnt at all surprised by that). so, of course, i immediately say, my aunt was a professor there!! but, they didnt know her...part of the problem is that i have no idea what years janice was there (2006, i think?), so they werent sure if they were there when she was there. but i think they graduated in 2006, so they must have been....oh well.
so, around 130, i had had my fill. i had done some "swing" dancing with both kat and reid...well, i was flung about and tried to keep up with my lack of rhythm while they danced. i had had some fun conversations, and people watching was a-mazing. some suuuuuuper hot gay guys (why are all the hot ones gay!? WHY???)...and let me pause. because when i say super hot, i dont mean some beautiful, well groomed gay man. i mean, manly, scruffy, hot hot hot man. broke my heart when he started making out with another guy. there were also some super scary-ass women in there.
anyways, i say my goodbyes, and run outside to hop in a cab. i was still all pumped from dancing and having so much fun, so i start chatting with the cabbie. small talk is really not my strong suit, but i wanted to try, so i asked where he was from. his response? "guess." craaaap. first of all, i didnt SEE the guy, so i had no idea if he was white, middle eastern, black, asian, or what! secondly, im bad with accents. third, seriously?! so, i say i have no idea, and he says, "guess! what's the worst that can happen? youll be wrong! guess!" sigh. so, i take a shot in the dark, go broad, and say, "northern africa." and he laughs and goes, "woohoo!!! yes! correct on africa! but not northern!" so i say southern? and he says "haha! no! not northern or southern!" uhm...not northern or southern? so, central? "no!" uuuhh...what does that leave me? eastern? "no!" western?! "yes!!!" oh good! i got something right! so, sir, which part of western africa? "guess!" no, seriously you want me to guess? i can name like 4 african countries, and only one is on the west coast so i say, "nigeria?" "haha!! oooh!!! no." fine. i ask again where? and he tells me to keep guessing. fiiiiiine. so, i admit that i am a complete idiot and tell him i only know a few countries in africa, and he asks which ones i know, so i say, "well, nigeria, of course, malawi, south africa, and egypt." and he kind of pauses and goes, "HOW do you know of malawi!?" so, i explain about my second mom and how she has spent quite a bit of time there. and he goes, "oh. now which other WESTERN african countries do you know?" and at this point, im getting slightly irritated because im tired and dont want to answer questions, my brain hurts, and, in all honesty, im not coming off well in this conversation. so i tell him i just dont know, and he goes, "well, have you ever heard of...kenya?" and i go, "oh!! yes!! i HAVE heard of kenya!!! so youre from kenya?" "no!!" sigh twice. "okay, well, will you give me the first letter at least?" it's "G." and i still dont know. and still dont know. and still dont know. he finally gets frustrated with me and says "ghana." which, yes, i have heard of, but probably would never have guessed. mortifying.
but funny.

i got home around 230, and didnt get to sleep until 3. and today im tiiiired, so i watched love story. now im trying to motivate myself to get up and clean!!
im going to post pictures later, too!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008, bday, mom's visit october 2007

oookay...slightly irritated. so, my camera battery just died as i was trying to upload my friggin pictures. so, you get these, and i will finish at a later date:

1) lo, me and mom on mom's bday--we surprised her with his being here.
2) lowen christmas eve la selva beach (you wouldnt think it by looking at him, but it was INCREDIBLY WARM! go global warming...)
3) james chasing birds
4) why cant my brothers take normal pics?
5) dad and james

Monday, February 04, 2008


The night is silent, and in its silence, dreams are hidden.
~Khalil Gibran

Sunday, February 03, 2008


so, im not a huge football fan, but i did watch this year's superbowl. and wow! it was an amazing game!!
alll i have to say is:

there are an insane amount of drunk people running around in the streets and hollering. its crazy.

in a really super cool kind of way.